Tuberville defeats Sessions in Alabama GOP primary run-off

By Anthony Caruso III | Publisher

Tommy Tuberville knows what it’s like to win a college football game. He won many as the Auburn Tigers, Ole Miss Rebels, Texas Tech Red Raiders, and the Cincinnati Bearcats head coach.

In fact, Tuberville won 159 games as a head coach. Now, he can say he won a primary run off in Alabama as a politician.

Former college football head coach Tommy Tuberville walks off the field after calling a timeout against the BYU Cougars
Tommy Tuberville walks off the field after calling a timeout against the BYU Cougars (Getty Images)

Tuberville defeated former U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions in a run-off on Tuesday night in the Alabama primaries. He was declared the winner for the Republicans approx. 90 minutes after the polls closed.

Sessions was previously a Senator in Alabama, then became Trump’s first Attorney General in 2017. However, President Donald Trump was angry at Sessions after he recused him from the Russia investigation into the 2016 election.

In 2018, Sessions was forced out as Attorney General. Tuberville received Trump’s endorsement – and he showcased the endorsement.

The 65-year-old tweeted out a audio clip that showed the President touting Tuberville would be a “call direct line into my office.”

Tuberville and Sessions did not debate each other.

Now, with this win, the former coach will face Senator Doug Jones in the November general election. Jones, according to Fox News, is ‘the most vulnerable Democrat in the Senate in this year’s general election.’

The Republicans have the lead in the Senate, as they have a 53-47 majority. If Alabama does flip the seat to Tuberville, the Republicans can move to a 54-47 lead.

This is not the only Senate seat up for grabs this November.

“Tuberville won big against Jeff Sessions,” Trump tweeted out. “Will be a great Senator for the incredible people of Alabama.”

Trump also said that Jones is “a terrible Senator, who is just a Super Liberal puppet for [Chuck] Schumer & [Nancy] Pelosi.”

The polarizing President – as the Democrats can’t stand the guy – called Sessions a disaster on Saturday. He also said that Sessions ‘let us down. We don’t want him back in Washington!.’

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