James Finney released from Wyoming hospital after crash

By Anthony Caruso III | Publisher

No Prep star James “Birdman” Finney was released from the hospital on Sunday. He was released from medical care more than one-day after being involved in a bad wreck.

Finney had been at Wyoming Medical Center in Casper, Wyoming following the accident. He was injured either on Friday night or early Saturday night.

Hospital (Photo by Pixabay)

During the filming of the 2020 edition of Fastest in America, Texas legend Finney was involved in a crash that also involved Louisiana native Stan Allen. Both of the vehicles in the cars were destroyed.

Both men were alive following the accident. Yet, Finney took the brunt of the injuries, while Allen escaped with no injuries.

Finney suffered a broken hand. In addition, according to fellow Texas No Prep racing star Mike Murillo, he also suffered several broken ribs. He also had an aorta injury, but that will heal on its own.

Several No Prep racers, including Team Texas and Allen, took a picture with Finney after he was released from the hospital. Finney had a cast on his hand.

If this was the same format as the initial Fastest in America, the team competition. We do not that they are still filming in Casper, Wyoming.

But we don’t know where they are in the filming. With Finney and Allen out of the competition due to the crashed cars, this likely hurt Team Texas and Team Louisiana in their pursuit to become the Fastest in America Season No. 2.

The show and the crash featuring Finney and Allen will air at a later date on the Discovery Channel.

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