AB claims he didn’t retire again…

By Anthony Caruso III | Publisher

Antonio Brown keeps flip-flopping. He said after he was released by the New England Patriots that he was retired.

Then, he wasn’t. This week, he announced his retirement. Or, he didn’t.

Former Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown signing autographs for fans before a preseason game against the Green Bay Packers
Antonio Brown signing autographs for fans before a preseason game against the Green Bay Packers (Getty Images)

Brown announced that he would like to play in the NFL again, possibly as soon as the upcoming 2020 season.

“I have complied with each and every ask of your investigations throughout the past 11 months,” Brown said in an Instagram post. “You have had access to all of my phones, you know what the deal is in each and every situation that the media has distorted. I have been seeing the therapist you asked me to. I have worked on all apects of my life this past year and have become a better man because of it.

“The fact that you refuse to provide a deadline and the reason for the fact you won’t resolve your investigations is completely unacceptable. I demand you provide me clarity on this situation immediately if you really care about my well-being. My legal team continues to ask and you provide no answers. How is it that the league can just drag it’s feet on any investigations it chooses on players and we just have to sit there in limbo? Need an update so I can talk to these teams properly. They’re waiting on you @NFL. Let’s get this thing moving! We’ve got history to make #Himmothy”

The 32-year-old Miami, Florida native only played one game during the 2019 season. After playing nearly a decade with the Pittsburgh Steelers, he was traded to the Oakland Raiders in the off-season.

He clashed with Raiders General Manager Mike Mayock and Head Coach Jon Gruden. Ultimately, he was released by the Raiders without even playing a game.

Brown then signed with the New England Patriots for one game. He was ultimately released by the Patriots after a woman claimed he raped her. However, his lawyers claimed that she made these allegations after he refused to pay her any money as an extortion attempt.

During his one game with the Patriots, he had four receptions for 56 yards and one touchdown.

In his NFL career, he has appeared in 131 games, including 103 starts. He has had 841 receptions for 11,263 yards and 75 touchdowns. In addition, he also has 32 carries for 124 yards and nine additional touchdowns.

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