Kamikaze Chris destroys the Elco at 2020 Street Outlaws taping

By Anthony Caruso III | Publisher

Chris “Kamikaze Chris” Day was involved in a crash with his Elco during the taping of the 2020 Street Outlaws show. From the picture, it looks like the car is destroyed.

Day does not appear to be injured from the crash.

Chris “Kamikaze Chris” Day stands next to the Elco that he crashed during the taping of 2020 Street Outlaws season.
Chris “Kamikaze Chris” Day stands next to the Elco that he crashed during the taping of 2020 Street Outlaws season (Photo by Kamikaze Chris/Facebook)

“People say things like ‘cars can be replaced’, I don’t always agree,” Day said in a Facebook post. “There will never be another one like this ELCO! It was truly one of a kind. I just want to say I’m sorry to pretty much everyone this car was bigger than me and it meant something to all us little guys who busted our asses to be a part of something. I’m so appreciative of the support from the fans my friends and family and fellow racers over the years it’s been amazing. But with that being said, this car even tho it’s completely ruined will be rebuilt – probably slowly but it will. I will not let this car die, I can’t, but as always in my life, I will move forward, and a NEW era of team KamiKaze is going to come back stronger and faster! I’m not sure of the plans yet. We are still picking up the pieces and all of us are trying to grasp the idea of what happened.

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“Somehow after a wreck, bad enough to tear this car up, I’m un-scratched. I feel like I fell off a bridge, but I’m good. I’d like to ask that people share only this post respectfully and that anyone that has video or pics send them to me. I’d like for people to watch this story unfold on the show that’s where this should be and it will be real as it gets. The opportunity this car and show has brought me is indescribable and I’m forever thankful for all of you. I’m not mad or upset this is what we do and there are consequences, this is what happens and if people ever questioned if I was willing to literally risk everything I have and hold dearly including my life for what I love, their questions have been answered, because I did and it has cost the sum of my life’s work and investment.”

From what we’re told, the accident happened while the OG 405 members were competing on a new road during an upcoming season of the Oklahoma Street Outlaws show for the Discovery Channel. This is a different road than they had been competing on in the first part of the taping, we’re told.

We’re also told that this road – where the accident happened – previously held a cash days event between Oklahoma and Texas. The source said that this was a sketchy road.

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The source also said that Day was competing against a new driver, who was trying to compete for an opportunity to earn a chance to compete against the No. 10 driver. We’re told this was not an actual list race when the accident happened.

We’re told that No. 9 driver Shawn “Murder Nova” Ellington and No. 10 driver Chris “Boosted GT” Hamilton competed on the taping the night when the Elco crashed.

The Elco became the property of Day’s following the death of Street Outlaws racer Tyler “Flip” Priddy. Flip passed away in 2013.

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This has been a bad day with Oklahoma Street Outlaws competitors. Former No. 1 list driver Chuck Seitsinger has been diagnosed with the coronavirus.

We reported that he was in the hospital receiving medical attention when the show stopped filming. At this time, we’re not sure when filming will begin again.

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