Marlins have a coronavirus outbreak in their clubhouse

By Anthony Caruso III | Publisher

Major League Baseball is dealing with their worse case scenario. The Miami Marlins are dealing with a coronavirus outbreak.

And the season hasn’t even completed one week. In fact, for the Marlins, they were just three games into their season.

Baseball (Photo by Pixabay)

The team was playing the Philadelphia Phillies this past weekend in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. At least 14 players have tested positive for the coronavirus in the Marlins clubhouse.

In addition, two coaches have also tested positive for the coronavirus.

The Marlins had to cancel their home opener on Monday night against the Baltimore Orioles. Miami is still in Philadelphia — may not be able to travel for several days.

They canceled their flight to Miami on Sunday night. And they also canceled their flight on Monday.

According to Major League Baseball, the players and coaches, who have tested positive for the coronavirus must stay in Philadelphia for 14-days. That means the players cannot even play with their teammates moving forward until they are cleared to play again once their quarantine period is over.

With a chunk of their players in Philadelphia due to the coronavirus, Major League Baseball may make a decision like Major League Soccer. During their MLS is Back Tournament, they eliminated a team with a positive test by a player or coach.

MLB may be forced to do this so there is no more spread of the virus except just with the team and their players. There has to be concern with the Phillies, as their players may have also caught the virus from the Marlins.

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