Phillies could have caught the virus from the Marlins

By Anthony Caruso III | Publisher

The Philadelphia Phillies could potentially be the next team in trouble to potentially have a coronavirus outbreak. The Phillies hosted the Miami Marlins for a three-game set this past weekend at Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The Marlins have had at least 12 players, who have come down with the coronavirus. In addition, two additional coaches have also tested positive for the virus.

Baseball (Photo by Pixabay)

The Phillies were supposed to host the New York Yankees for a two-game set in Philadelphia before the series went to New York for two additional games. However, at least Monday night’s game of the series has been postponed.

The Yankees were going to be in the same clubhouse and dugout as the Marlins.

When the Marlins played in Philadelphia, not all of their players wore a mask throughout the game. Even as they were on the bases or batting, they could have potentially spread the virus onto the Phillies.

At this time, it’s not clear if the Phillies have been tested for the virus. If they were, there have been no reports to surface yet if they had any positive cases.

Like the Marlins, if a member of the Phillies test positive for the virus, they will have to isolate in Philadelphia for 14-days before they will be tested for the virus again. The Miami players and coaches, who tested positive, will isolate in the City of Brotherly Love for at least two weeks before they either elect to continue their season or shut it down until 2021.

The Marlins —who were supposed to play the Baltimore Orioles on Monday night — had their game canceled. They are still in Philadelphia.

The concern is potentially spreading the virus on a flight back to Miami even when the players, who have the virus, must stay in Philadelphia for the time being. Two flights to Miami have already been canceled by the team.

Major League Baseball is dealing with a disaster in their first series of the season. They elected not to have a bubble, like other leagues.

Also, unlike the NBA with daily testing, it’s not clear if MLB players are being tested everyday as they refused to accept a bubble.

Commissioner Rob Manfred has to decide what to do with the Marlins. With a huge chunk of their 30-player roster isolated in Philadelphia — with two unnamed coaches — it’ll be tough for them to continue, as their minor leaguers have been shut down for the season.

Thus, finding replacements for the players, who have the coronavirus in Philadelphia, will be tough.

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