Ravens release Earl Thomas after one season

By Anthony Caruso III | Publisher 

The Baltimore Ravens have released safety Earl Thomas. His departure comes just days after he was in a fight with a teammate. 

On Friday, Thomas had a fight with fellow safety Chuck Clark. This was the last straw for the Ravens management.

Baltimore Ravens safety Earl Thomas intercepts a pass that was intended for DeVante Parker against the Miami Dolphins
Earl Thomas intercepts a pass that was intended for DeVante Parker against the Miami Dolphins (Photo by the Associated Press/Wilfredo Lee)

Thomas was sent home and will never report to the Ravens again. He spent just one season with the franchise. 

By releasing Thomas, the Ravens take on a huge dead cap hit. However, the team is expected to file a grievance, as Thomas was released “for personal conduct that has adversely affected the Baltimore Ravens.”

By filing the grievance, they’re going to go after the $10 million in guaranteed money he had on the $15 million Thomas was owed in 2020.

The Ravens are facing a $15 million dead cap hit in 2020. This means his release will still impact the team for the next two seasons, as they’re responsible for a $10 million dead cap hit in 2021, as well. 

He made $22 million in his lone season with the Ravens. Baltimore signed him to a front-loaded contract before the 2019 season when Thomas was a free agent. 

Several months ago, Thomas was in the news. And a bad kind of news for the Ravens franchise. 

He had a gun pointed to his head by his wife in April in Texas. She caught Thomas and his brother Seth in bed with other women. 

Nina Thomas was arrested for the incident. Thomas said following the incident when the news broke in May that he wasn’t with his wife anymore.

According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, the Dallas Cowboys are considered the front-runner for his services. Thomas has made it clear before that he wanted to return to Texas. 

He previously said he wanted to play for the Cowboys. 

It’ll be next man up for the Ravens if they chose to replace him in house. However, Thomas may get his wish to play for America’s team.

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