2020 NFL Betting Tips And Tricks: 4 Practical Guides To Consider

By The Capital Sports Report Staff

If there is a sporting event that most bettors and fans are looking forward to settling this year, the NFL is undoubtedly one of them. The 2020-21 NFL season is back on track as its regular season will take place on September 10, 2020. It will cover a 17-week playoff schedule, which will run through February 7, 2021.

In line with that, the NFL this year will still be attended by 16 teams from the American Football Conference, and the same number of teams will also represent the National Football Conference. Last year’s defending Super Bowl winner, the Kansas City Chiefs, will open the season competing against their biggest rival in the AFC, the Houston Texans.

Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson stiff arms Derwin James against the Los Angeles Chargers during the AFC Wild Card Playoff game
Lamar Jackson stiff arms Derwin James against the Los Angeles Chargers during the AFC Wild Card Playoff game (Getty Images)

With so much excitement, fans are not only looking forward to the playing teams but also to numerous betting games it offers. Every year, the NFL attracts thousands of punters to gamble. For people who have been into the NFL for quite some time, forming NFL bets can still be challenging at times. Thus, if you want to make your job easier by finding the right team to gamble, here are some all-time practical tips to ponder.

Comprehend Player Form, Statistics, And Team News

Like the betting games that you play in various sporting events, finding the right football bets needs research. It requires you to comprehend the current player’s form and statistics. During the 2020 NFL Draft, there were significant changes that took place, such as the toughest NFL players getting a surprise trade from one team to another.

When you get yourself covered with what’s happening to the current player and the group you will play, you can quickly narrow down your choices. Additionally, don’t forget to read the latest news about the team you’re cheering on. Always find the time to know their full schedule and see whether they can edge their opponent or the other way around.

Check The Odds Every Time

Oddsmakers are the ones responsible for creating the odds value of every team competing in the newest NFL season. The odds are not only formed based on predictions, but also the probability of winning. These are based on how the team performed last season, their pre-season match-ups, and their current roster structure.

Remember that you can find many oddsmakers online, especially with your trusted bookie. They display and update the betting lines from time to time, and you should get guided with it. The odds will determine whether your desired team is the favorite for the underdog for the current match. Apart from that, it will also determine the value you must gamble and win.

Know Where To Bet

There are two ways to bet in the upcoming NFL season. Since the NFL organization has allowed a limited audience to grace the show, betting tickets are available in the venue. You only need to get the betting tickets at the cashier and pay the amount then watch how the whole match-up will look like.

The other betting option you can heed is online. If you want to experience full comfort while watching the NFL games and sit on your couch, you can log in to your dedicated online sportsbook. If it is your first time using a betting site, make sure to read the whole terms before you deposit money to check it’s legitimacy.

Know Your Limits; Exhaust All Promos

Betting is surely a fun thing to do, but at the same time, it’s expensive. Just as you know that it only requires a few dimes to start, you should think twice. There are many NFL betting categories you can gamble on, and each of them can offer you huge prizes at stake. However, before you win, you need to gamble a significant amount and ensure that you’re picking the right bet.

If you want to avoid spending too much, you must know your limitations. To attain this, you can set a betting budget that you’re allowed to spend. Another thing you can do to limit your expenses is by gambling wisely. When you win a lot, you should learn how to stop, and if you lose, don’t force yourself to gamble more to regain what you’ve lost since you might run out of luck.

Lastly, online bookies make a lot of promotions and bonuses, especially for first-time users. Make sure to take advantage of this and exhaust all the promotions offered to increase the amount you’re earning.


Making football bets are confusing, especially that the NFL features many competitive teams. Not only that, but games are also unpredictable at times, where heavy favorites are prone to losing, and underdogs prevail. Hence, you must put a lot of attention and focus on picking the right football entries and apply the tips listed above to form your bets easily.

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