Reds broadcaster Thom Brennaman has resigned following racial slur

By Anthony Caruso III | Publisher

Thom Brennaman is looking for a new job. He has resigned from his job as the Cincinnati Reds broadcaster on Friday.

He used a racial slur on a hot mic back in August. He was pulled from the second game of a doubleheader once news began to leak out that he used the slur on a hot mic.

Baseball (Photo by Pixabay)

“My family and I have decided that I am going to step away from my role as the television voice of the Cincinnati Reds,” Brennaman said in a statement to the network. “I would like to thank the Reds, Reds fans and the LGBTQ community for the incredible support and grace they have shown my family and me.”

During a double header against the Kansas City Royals on August 19th, he used a racial slur while calling a game for Fox Sports Ohio. He used the slur during the seventh inning when he was coming back from a commercial break. 

In the second game, the Reds removed Brennaman and replaced him with Jim Day. 

“And if I’m given that opportunity, I will be a better broadcaster and a much better person,” Brennaman said about seeking another opportunity. 

Brennaman, the son of legendary broadcaster Marty Brennaman, has also been removed from his Fox Sports football duties, as well, at least for the time being. Reds CEO Bob Castellini said that Brennaman has attempted to reconcile with the LGBTQ+ community. 

“The Brennaman family has been an intrinsic part of the Reds history for nearly fifty years,” Castellini said. “We sincerely thank Thom for bringing the excitement of Reds baseball to million of fans during his years in the booth.”

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