NFL makes changes to 2020 schedule following Titans outbreak

By Anthony Caruso III | Publisher

The NFL have announced their plans for the team’s impacted games following the Tennessee Titans coronavirus outbreak. No team was scheduled to have a bye week this week.

However, due to at least seven players having the virus, the Titans will not play in Week 4. Nor will the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Football Stadium
Football Stadium (Photo by Unsplash)

Both teams will now play the rest of the season with no bye following their bye this week.

Their Week 4 game has now been moved to Week 7 when there was an availability as the Titans had a bye week.

The NFL then had to do some reorganizing. The Titans and Baltimore Ravens were scheduled for Week 7.

Now, that game will be played in Week 8. Before the game Titans and Ravens matchup, Baltimore will have a bye week in Week 7.

Right now, these were the only impacted games. However, if the Titans outbreak gets worse, more games can — and will — be impacted.

The league will have to put in stricter regulations on its players, like Major League Baseball did, to finish their season. MLB issued a compliance officer to each team to make sure all the players were doing what they were supposed to be doing — and not taking any chances with spreading the virus.

And it did work. MLB stopped the outbreaks following the Miami Marlins and the St. Louis Cardinals outbreaks.

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