Phillies GM Matt Klentak steps down as GM; reassigned within organization

By Anthony Caruso III | Publisher 

Philadelphia Phillies General Manager Matt Klentak has stepped down. He has been the team’s GM since October 2015. 

The team has named Ned Rice as the interim GM. A search has begun to find their new GM. 

Baseball (Photo by Pixabay)

Klentak will be reassigned within the organization, the team said. 

“While I am disappointed that we failed to reach our ultimate goal, I am nevertheless very proud of the progress that this organization made over the last five years and of the people who worked so hard to make it happen,” Klentak said. “I am grateful for all of the support that I received along the way from Phillies ownership, friends and colleagues, and our loyal Phillies fans.”

The Phillies never made the playoffs during his tenure. However, during the 60-game MLB coronavirus schedule this season, the team was in the mix until the final series.

All they needed to do was win at least one game against the Tampa Bay Rays. They could not even do that. 

The Rays swept the Phillies. As a result, their playoff hopes were over.

Like it has done through the season, the Phillies bullpen faltered when the team needed them the most. Philadelphia’s pen blew two leads against the Rays, before being shut out in the season finale. 

“I have stated publicly that winning is what matters, not just in Philadelphia but in all cities and in all sports,” said Phillies Managing Partner John Middleton. “While Matt made many significant contributions to the organization, we did not accomplish our goal of playing baseball in October. Consequently, we have mutually agreed to allow new leadership to head Baseball Operations.”

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