WFT’s Alex Smith plays in an NFL game again

By Anthony Caruso III | Publisher

Two years ago, Alex Smith suffered a horrific injury in an NFL game against the Houston Texans. He nearly lost his leg, as well.

This very well could have been a career-ending injury. Joe Theismann suffered a similar injury that cost him his career in 1985 with the team known as the Washington Redskins against the New York Giants.

Alex Smith (Getty Images)

Yet, Smith did not let it be.

Now, he is back playing in a game with the team now known as the Washington Football Team. In the off-season, due to persistent pressure from multi-million dollar sponsors, the Washington Redskins are no more.

Smith used perseverance to overcome his obstacles to get back onto the field.

His entire process was documented in Project 11. He was cleared by his doctors and the team doctors to return to football this summer.

Smith was active for the first time since his injury against the Texans. He began the game as the backup to Kyle Allen.

With the Washington Football Team trailing to the Los Angeles Rams, head coach Ron Rivera put in Smith to give the team a spark.

So far, it’s been a positive as Smith is back onto the field.

Depending on how he does over the rest of the game, Smith may be the WFT’s starting quarterback next week. Former starter Dwayne Haskins — who was benched this week — was inactive for the game.

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