Oklahoma cheerleader injured in freak accident when goal post falls on her

By Anthony Caruso III | Publisher

During a team photo, a 15-year-old cheerleader Jenessa Thompson is in ICU, according to FOX 8. In a freak accident, a goal post fell on her head.

Her teammates were posing for a picture on the crossbar when the goal post became loose and fell down, striking Thompson. Her family, the report said, could have been worst.

Ambulance at a Hospital
Ambulance at a Hospital (Photo by Pixabay)

Her grandmother received a concerning call from one of her grandchildren. During the call, she learned that her grand daughter Jenessa was injured.

“She was out of breath and she said, ‘Grandma get to the football field now,’” Thompson said.

The grandmother then found Jenessa unresponsive. One of her coaches was looking after the 15-year-old after the injury.

“She wasn’t responsive that I could tell. Her little arms were limp,” Thompson said. “She was moaning but pretty much unconscious.”

At the time of the picture, Jenessa was on the ground next to her coach, according to the post. Moments later, the goalpost came down.

“The goalpost hit her solid here and she was pinned to the ground,” Thompson said pointing to the right side of her face. “A lot of blood, the ambulance came, and they said they needed to call the chopper.”

She was then life-flighted to OU Medical Center in Oklahoma City. While she is in ICU, her family said through the report that she likely broke or dislocated her jaw.

There is also a chance that Thompson also suffered additional injuries.

“They said they couldn’t find any brain bleeds,” said Thompson, holding back tears,” her parents said in statement. “That was a real honest to goodness hallelujah. God is good. That’s when the tears came, that’s when we cried and everybody was jumping up and down.”

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