Leaper’s Sprint Car, trailer stolen in Souderton, Pennsylvania

By Anthony Caruso III | Publisher

Sprint car owners Tracy and Rick Leaper are dealing with the shock that their racing operation had been stolen in Souderton, Pennsylvania. Video surveillance captured the thieves taking the equipment on Thursday, January 7, 2021, between 2-4 am EST.

The individual or individuals responsible were caught on camera departing the scene at 3:44 am.

Sprint Car owned by Tracy and Rick Leaper competing in an event
Tracy and Rick Leaper’s Sprint Car competing in an event (Photo by Tracy Leaper/Facebook)

“We have surveillance of a later model Mustang (maybe 2006-2010),” Rick Leaper said in an interview with The Capital Sports Report. “They came into the shop around 1:30 am in the parking lot, where the trailer was setting. Right by my shop, another guy has a shop and does heavy equipment, like diesel work and dump trucks. Long story short, they tried to get the pickup truck sitting there that had a blown engine. We could see that the interior light came on then the guy gets back into the Mustang. That was at 1:26 am. Then, the (stolen) pick up truck ended up coming back to the shop. They went over to Telford with my shop being in Souderton. Telford is the next town over, which is about six miles away. It’s odd to me that they knew that there would be another diesel shop over there. They were there at 2:35 am and were in the parking lot there for about 40 seconds before hot wiring the pickup and stealing it.

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“I understand, as I got a phone call Friday morning from a guy who has a shop on the other side of Souderton. They stopped at his shop and poked the locks off of his trailer. They then began to jack up the trailer. Once they got the trailer doors open, the only thing in his trailer was a four-wheeler with no engine and an old lawn tractor. They aborted that mission. Then they left there and came back to our shop. We have the blue Ford pickup and the Mustang on camera once again at 3:30 am. Pictures indicate the trailer pulling onto the road at 3:44 am.”

Leaper thinks this whole thing is odd.

“To me, it is ironic that they knew over in Telford that they had another pickup,” he said. “Why would they go over there? There could have been another Ford pickup down the street if they had looked. The guy, who called me at Souderton Automotive, who they were at first, has a Pro Street Corvette, and it had been in the trailer. However, at the time they were there, the race car was in the shop. As he told me, had his car been in his trailer, they likely would not have come and gotten my trailer. I don’t know if they opened my trailer before they left the first time or they did that whenever they came back. I cannot see that on the video surveillance either. I’m thinking they may have opened my trailer first then saw that the Sprint Car was in there, then said, ‘Oh, we might as well go find a tow vehicle.’”

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As of this publication, no equipment has been recovered. Two broken locks were left at the scene, which is in the hands of the authorities at this time.

Leaper believes that the equipment that was stolen was more than $100,000. He said that the trailer is worth $25,000 with the race car being worth $20,000.

Also, he believes the inventory inside the trailer outside of the Sprint Car was worth another $60,000-70,000.

“The only saving grace is that we had the engine out of the car,” Leaper said. “That’s a big chunk of the money right there. We also normally carry a four-wheeler in the trailer, but we had just bought a new four-wheeler and that was not in the trailer.”

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There was no racing identification on the trailer, which is grey. It is a 2017 ATC Trailer.

“While there’s no identification on it, there are three dents on the side of the trailer,” he said. “On each side of the trailer, there were markings that said ATC Quest 350, which is the model of the trailer.”

Plus, the Sprint Car had the number 24L on it. Plus, it was sponsored by APS Power Coating on the sides and Chevrolet Carfagno on the wing sides. The name ‘Leaper’ is also on the front bar of the wing.

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The Sprint Car is white and cranberry, as seen in the picture. It also appears that purple may be in the color scheme, as well.

According to the Franconia Township (PA) Police Department, there is reason to believe that the stolen equipment may be in New Jersey. This coincides with Leaper, who said that it’s believed the truck and trailer was seen on Interstate 78 near Newark, New Jersey.

“My wife spoke with the other woman, who had her son’s truck stolen,” Leaper said. “Numerous truckers have indicated that they believe they saw it in that area at approx. 5 am on Thursday.”

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While there was the belief that the equipment could be in New Jersey, at this time, it could be anywhere. Be on the lookout for it and report it to the authorities if you see it.

The stolen pickup has the Plate# ZPH2262.

More pictures of the stolen Sprint Car can be located here.

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