Betting Strategies to Consider When Wagering on Your Horse Picks

By The Capital Sports Report Staff

Historically speaking, horse racing is one of the oldest sports on the sports betting market. Horse race betting popularity is still growing up to this day, especially during the first months of the year where the grandest horse racing events take place.

With that, many people are now engaging in this kind of gambling. However, things might not go well if you lay your money right away. Here are some betting strategies to consider when wagering on your horse picks to help you win your bets.

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Check the Recent Horse Winners

Checking the recent horse winners has got to be part of the most basic and simplest thing in horse race betting. Review the horses for a certain race, check their performance history and determine if they recently won a race. If they did, you could place your bet on that horse.

Why? Because these horses are possibly some of the strongest contenders- they are in top form for the races. They have the edge on the track. Their momentum is still on point, and they can even get better when they reach their prime.

Although this can’t guarantee a sure win every time, this strategy has a higher percentage of winning your bet, and you want that high possibility on your side. You may read more about the guide for horse race betting to improve yourself.

Don’t Place Your Horse Wagers at Low Odds

One thing you need to know about odds is that they are determined by the public in the market. The more money being placed on a horse to bet, the more its odds go down. This is because of the number of people who bet on that horse who will get paid later on. The more bettors, the smaller the share.

It is recommended that you don’t place your bet on a horse with the odds of 3/1 and lower. By this, you will avoid the unfair share of races when it comes to payouts.

Consider to Lay a Horse to Bet

Bets don’t always have to be about the game’s winning contender. Sometimes, you can take advantage of the weaker ones to win your bets. Statistical lay is a helpful thing to have more chances of winning your horse bets.

To lay a horse pertains to betting against a runner. In order to execute this strategy, you have to look for the three favorites of that particular race and read their odds. The odds will determine something later on. So you have to analyze it thoroughly.

Once you’ve already identified the possible top three horses of the race, pick out the contender with the odds that lie between 2/1 and 4.8/1. Then, lay that against the one with the lowest chances of winning. This range of odds is statistically supported, telling that if the top three horses’ odds are within it, they only have a 17% chance of winning at the time.

Don’t Underestimate the Beaten Favorites

Everyone must know that any sport’s contender is prone to defeat anytime. Even the best ones lose. The same concept applies to horse racing. But it doesn’t mean he sucks or weak, especially if he holds a pretty decent performance in his past recent races. Please don’t underestimate the beaten favorites, for they will most likely have their comebacks very soon.

Before that race starts, always do background checks on the horses. If a once favorite horse but lost its last match will run on the track, place your wager on that horse. Chances that it will outdo what it did in its lost performance are pretty high.

Every bettor or anyone invested in this market knows the beaten favorites’ potential. With that, chances of their odds to get better is likely possible. Thus, this strategy will practically give you an advantage in the long run of betting horses.

Engage On Longer Odds if You’re Ready

Some bettors like to step up their game in their betting skills for better payouts. However, it takes a lot of risk and experience to acquire it. To have that, they tend to bet on long odds.

Picking the potential winner at longer odds is way more challenging than any other betting option. It requires excellent handicapping, analyzing, and sometimes mathematical skills to find those long shots and wager them in the right way. It will take challenging attempts to break even.

You have to be observant of the races and the horses themselves because, believe it or not, magic happens; and you might see that, but everybody doesn’t. Grab the opportunity to bet to have a larger amount of money in return. Longer odds is about taking golden opportunities.

Final Thoughts

While all these strategies can help improve your betting skills and percentage of winning your bets, always be prepared for the unexpected outcomes of the race. That is part of every bettor’s experience. Learning about betting by reading and researching the horses as part of your handicapping process is the best option you can do to avoid being lost.

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