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Week 13 Previews: 49ers @ Bears

December 1, 2017 1:17 am EDT

Both the Chicago Bears and San Francisco 49ers have little to play for on Sunday. Both teams would benefit from in the long run from losing the game, which could help either team get a better draft pick in the offseason. The biggest headline of the day however, it that Jimmy Garoppolo will be taking the reins for the 49ers. [...]

Week 3 Preview: Rams @ 49ers

September 19, 2017 7:25 pm EDT

Here is our Thursday Night Football's Los Angeles Rams and San Francisco 49ers preview written by our staff writer Maximillian C. Burgos. [caption id="attachment_85224" align="alignnone" width="1024"] Jared Goff (Getty Images)[/caption] The Rams are heavy favorites for the game. According to public polls done by, the Rams are 74% likely to beat the 49ers. Experts are a little more conservation with their prediction, polling a 63% chance that the Rams with beat the 49ers. The Rams also have a better record coming into the game. The Rams are 1-1 compared to the 49ers 0-2. Both teams rank towards the bottom of the league in power rankings. The Rams rank 28th in the league, just one place above the Browns. The 49ers rank 30th in the league. Both teams looked better than they did last year, but both teams are just struggling with their quarterback situations. Rams quarterback, Jared Goff does look better on paper than the 49ers quarterback, Brian Hoyer. Goff is in his second year and looks to get better each week. He has managed 530 yards through the air with a pair of touchdowns and a 66.7 completion percentage. But he has turned the ball over twice, giving him a QBR of a measly 45.3.  Hoyer on the other hand is starting to look like a journeyman playing for six teams in his 8 years in the league. He found varying degrees of success with each team, but he never showed that he was the go-to-guy. In the first to games of the season the 31-year old veteran has only managed 292 yards through the air with no touchdowns and three turnovers. His QBR is a painful 10.2, not a go-to-guy number.  The Rams are surprisingly ranked seventh so far in the League for passing. Tight end Gerald Everett and rookie  reciever Cooper Kupp have both contributed handsomely to Goff's cause. Todd Gurley, the Rams' running back has also been decent on the ground to compliment the passing game. The team has also scored an average of 33.0 points, tying them for third in the League for points scored.  The 49ers on the other hand have lone bright spots on offensive. Running back Carlos Hyde has made a case for himself by being a solid back for the 49ers, but in order to win games, teams need to score. The 49ers are the second worse in the League in points scored (6.0). No matter how much Hyde runs over defenses, if the 49ers can't score, it doesn't matter. Last year, the 49ers' only two victories were against the Rams. In all fairness, both teams were bad last year, but the Rams have seemed to improve the more over the offseason. That being said, the 49ers gave some heartache to the Seattle Seahawks who nearly lost to them in a tightly contested 12-9 game.  At the end of the day, the Rams should win this game in their sleep. As long as Aaron Donald continues to terrorize quarterbacks in the backfield, the 49ers' Hoyer won't stand a chance. Even if Hyde has a legendary game, the 49ers have shown an inability to score while the Rams have shown that they can put points up in a hurry.  [...]