Street Outlaws’ The Crow, Davis’ car destroyed in taping crash

By Anthony Caruso III | Publisher

Street Outlaws is a popular show on the Discovery Channel that airs on Monday nights. But for the second time in months, a top star on the show was involved in an accident.

First, “Daddy” Dave Comstock ruined his Goliath vehicle in Amarillo, Texas on August 1st. Now, No. 1 ranked Justin “Big Chief” Shearer ruined “The Crow” overnight.

Brian “Chucky” Davis’ destroyed car after being involved in an accident with Justin “Big Chief” Shearer for an upcoming episode of the Street Outlaws show
Brian “Chucky” Davis’ destroyed car after being involved in an accident with Justin “Big Chief” Shearer for an upcoming episode of the Street Outlaws show (Photo by Big Chief 405/Instagram)

He was reportedly in a high-speed crash that destroyed his 1972 Pontiac LeMans, which is also known as “The Crow.” He was reportedly racing alongside Brian “Chucky” Davis, which is from Detroit.

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Davis and “Big Chief” were racing as a part of their upcoming episode of the show that will air in their next season. Davis got loose, then tagged the quarter panel of Shearer’s Crow.

Both of the cars then careened out of control. The Crow suffered extensive damage to the front end, as most of it was ripped away.

“Brian Davis aka “Chucky”……so glad he walked away from this accident we had,” Big Chief 405 said in a Facebook post. “I was told the first thing I asked for when they were pulling me out of my car was “Is Brian ok?” And….today I was told that as they were pulling me out of my car, he was climbing out of his car trying to make sure I was ok. Afterwards he hobbled over to me and we hugged and his exact words were “I’m so glad you get to see your family tomorrow”………this shows me that racing, even at this level of thrill seeking and no matter how heated and no matter how much trash talk is involved, we still care for our opponents and we still cherish the gift of life. I’m proud to have raced him.”

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Unconfirmed reports suggest that Shearer was injured in the crash to his shoulders, lungs, and back. He reportedly is in the hospital receiving medical care.

Davis is no stranger to appearing on the show. He previously bad-mouthed Jerry “Monza” Johnston, before the two faced each other.

Due to that altercation, that led to Shearer and “Murder Nova” Shawn Ellington announcing that they’ll face Detroit in an upcoming street race. It appears that this accident may have been part of that show.

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Oklahoma City, according to the show, is known to have the best illegal street racers in the country. On this Monday’s show, “Daddy Dave” will debut “Goliath” on the show.

“Daddy Dave” went off “the list” to create the “Goliath” before he ruined it.

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