Street Outlaws’ Murder Nova for sale

By Anthony Caruso III | Publisher

According to Murder Nova’s verified Facebook page, the famous car that Shawn Ellington has driven on Street Outlaws is now up for sale. IT can be yours for $115,000 or best offer.

The OG Murder Nova was the original car, before starting a new build, also called Murder Nova.

OG Murder Nova
OG Murder Nova (Photo by Midwest Street Cars)

“This car has been some places and seen some places!,” Ellington or the individual, who made this ad said. “Way more wins than losses in its natural habitat on the street and has also been a contender in pro275 and LDR drag radial classes. Own the ultimate collectors item or put gas in it and hit the drag strip.”

The ad says that the car is ‘currently setup with 275 radials on 12″ double beadlock Weld wheels.” The ad also said that it’ll come with 29.5×10.5 on 14″ Weld double beadlocks.

The package also includes ‘everything necessary to swap to big ties.’ This includes Weld 16X16 Delta 1’s, 34.5 Hoosiers, Wheelie Bars.

In addition, it’ll come with Proline 572ci BBC with Dart Pro2 380 heads with a Fueltech FT500. There will also be a Hyperkontrol boost controller with Racepak smartwire and Racepak v300 datalogger.

With the Murder Nova, there will be a Billet Atomizer 225’s that runs on VP Q16. There will also be a PT4000 A/W Intercooler with a 4-Link and McAmis Fab Rear-End Housing.

The Murder Nova also comes with New Precision ProMod 88’s with 5 passes on them, the ad said. It also has Santhuff on all four corners with factory front frame rails and a stock firewall.

There is also stock floor pans and an all TRZ front suspension. OG Murder Nova has an VFN Fiberglass front clip, doors, deck lid. The ad also says you’ll receive a Roosler 3speed th4000 (best of the best in a stock case with ultra bell).

In addition, the purchaser will buy a Protorque ev1 converter with ‘lots of carbon interior’ (tubs, trunk, etc.).

The ad says OG Murder Nova has been 4.30s at 170+ on Big Tires. On Small Tires, it’s been 4.20s at 178+.

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