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2022-23 NBA: Here Are the Top 5 Moments of the League This Season

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By The Capital Sports Report Staff

The regular season just ended, and now the teams are off to the season’s playoffs to determine eligible teams to play for the NBA Finals. The current season of the NBA games didn’t disappoint this year as well, and thanks to that, we now have several new moments that will be remembered.

As the NBA Finals slowly kick off on June 1, it would be the perfect time to go down the lane and look into what has happened so far. To guide you through this journey, here are the top five NBA moments you shouldn’t miss.

LeBron James attempts a shot over Draymond Green (Getty Images)

LeBron’s Reaction to Missed Call

The star player of the Los Angeles Lakers, LeBron James, is popular in many ways. He also never fails to make headlines in every season he has participated. This year, he’s also been the talk of the town for a humorous reason.

During the Lakers vs. Celtics game last January 29, 2023, the Los Angeles team had the chance to beat the Boston Celtics, if not for the missed call by the referee crew. Running towards the hoop, trying to break the tie with only four seconds remaining, James attempted a potential game-winning move. However, the Celtics’ Jayson Tatum hit him on the arm, which made LeBron miss his attempt before the time.

His reaction was caught on cam and has become fans’ favorite moment. Although they missed the chance to win over the leading team, the crew chief Eric Lewis admitted the missed foul call on LeBron James.

Record-Breaking Game of Kings vs. Clippers

Last February 25, Sacramento Kings and Los Angeles Clippers played against each other and made a record-breaking history in the league.

Everyone thought it would be just another regular NBA Friday night until the game became more intense. Not long after, everyone witnessed a 176-175 double overtime victory for the Kings, the current third place in the Western Conference as of writing this article.

The combined score is 351 points, which makes it the second-highest recorded score in the entire NBA History. This record is just behind the December 13, 1983 game of Denver Nuggets and Detroit Pistons, where the Pistons won 186-184, holding a combined score of 370 points.

The actions started taking place after the Kings caught up after trailing by 14 points during the fourth quarter. The team then overcame their six-point deficits in both overtime. It seems that the 2023 NBA finals odds are brighter for the Kings if things continue to go well with them.

Dallas Doncic 60-Point Triple-Double

Another record-breaking moment in the 2022-23 season was when Dallas Mavericks Luka Doncic showed another reason why he’s one of the best players in the NBA. The Mavericks played against the New York Knicks last December 27, 2022, and won over them 126-121.

Doncic presented one of the best performances this season with 60 points, 21 rebounds, and ten assists that led the Mavericks to win. Aside from that, no one has accumulated the same record in a single game in the history of the NBA, making Luka Doncic the first player to do so.

The most recent record that has accumulated at least 60 points and 20 rebounds was in 2000 by Shaquille O’Neal. At the end of the game, the fans are full of praise and compliments for his excellent performance.

De’Aaron Tie Breaker Clutch

Getting tied during the most crucial part of the game is one of the most exhilarating and intense moments. In the November 5, 2022, game between the Orlando Magic and Sacramento Kings, point guard De’Aaron was faced with only five seconds left in overtime.

Despite that, he calmly crossed the court as he dribbled and pulled just inside halfcourt to shoot and clutch the game. Fans held their breaths as they watched the ball enter the ring and celebrated as the 123-123 tie ended with a three-point shot from Sacramento Kings Fox.

LeBron Breaking Another Record

Last but not least, LeBron James is back here on the list, and for a different reason. If you’re an NBA fan and have followed all the seasons, you would know that LeBron is the GOAT. This season, this oldtimer star player just reminded everyone of the reason why.

LeBron is like a good wine that improves as time passes. Despite being in his 20th season, he continues to mark history and present noteworthy performances. In their last game against Oklahoma City Thunder last February 8, 2023, James just scored 38 points in the third quarter, making this stat an NBA’s all-time score record.

Praises were delivered from left to right, and even celebrities such as Rihanna and Drake sent their congratulations to this excellent player. Unfortunately, the LA Lakers are out of the top five in the Western Conference.

Final Thoughts

With how the events unfolded during the regular season, the remaining weeks in the NBA season will only become more intense and exciting. The moments are something you can look back into in the future, especially the record-breaking stats so far, and you would be glad you didn’t miss any of them. As a fan, nothing is more exciting than this. To avoid missing more, prepare for the biggest event this year, the NBA Finals.

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