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Opinion: Pats Super Bowl Champs and the controversy that follows

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By Nick Massa | Writer

The big story all over the news is the scandals that the New England Patriots are in, and now the famous, “DEFLATEGATE.” Why do the Patriots keep winning, are they cheating?

I think not, they are just smarter and know how to get around the system. Every sport does it, some get caught, and some win Super Bowls, Stanley Cups, and World Series.

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady throws a pass over Mario Williams against the Buffalo Bills during the first half
Tom Brady throws a pass over Mario Williams against the Buffalo Bills during the first half (Photo by Jerome Davis/Getty Images)

Below are some of the scandals that the Patriots were involved in. The Patriots and their longtime head coach Bill Belichick are no stranger to scandals.

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They’ve been accused of everything from cheating, including allegations of football deflating. Watching Belichick, a four-time Super Bowl-winning coach, you get the idea that he shrewdly knows how to toe the line, sometimes crossing it and breaking the rules in the process.

When the Patriots used an unorthodox scheme with only four offensive linemen in one of their games, opting to make a lineman an eligible receiver, the Baltimore Ravens coach John Harbaugh cried foul. The Ravens coach complained that his team wasn’t given enough time to identify the new eligible wideout.

“It’s not something that anybody has ever done before,” Harbaugh told “They’re an illegal type of a thing and I’m sure that (the league will) make some adjustments and things like that.”

Pats quarterback Tom Brady said the Ravens should “study the rule book.” The NFL didn’t reprimand nor fine New England for their usage of eligible receivers of an offensive lineman.

Nationally, dubbed “Spygate” by the media, the NFL fined Belichick $500,000, the league’s largest-ever fine on a coach, and the Patriots an additional $250,000 for videotaping rival New York Jets defensive signals during a September 2007 game. The cheating attempt also cost the Patriots their first-round draft pick in 2008.

When the Jets released running back Danny Woodhead in September 2010, the Patriots snatched him right up four days later. Less than two months after Gang Green released quarterback Tim Tebow in April 2013, the Pats signed him too.

Why you ask? More than actually getting serviceable players, Belichick and the Pats gained invaluable intel and strategy about their AFC East rivals…from Woodhead at least. As smart as Belichick is, we wouldn’t be surprised if even he couldn’t pry something out of Tebow and his short-lived NFL career.

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No harm, no foul, but high on the shady meter. Smart too. Well, now that you heard a few of the scandals that surround the Super Bowl Champs, Patriots, who cares? They are once again Super Bowl Champs and continue to dominate the AFC and NFL teams.

I feel the other teams are lacking in the coaching ability to win and use the system to do so. Just because they allegedly took the air out of a ball to help them and the referees didn’t catch it in time just goes to show you that they are well ahead of others when it comes to winning.

We should be looking at every one in every sport, it goes on every day, and it’s just some of them that get caught.

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