Exclusive: Two new Street Outlaws shows coming to Discovery

By Anthony Caruso III | Publisher

According to a source, who has been on the Street Outlaws show, there will be two new Street Outlaws shows coming soon. The source said there will be a Street Outlaws Memphis, along with a Street Outlaws Dallas show.

The source said that he was not sure when they will be officially debuting on The Discovery Channel.

Discovery Channel

Discovery Channel

“I cannot give many details, but I can ensure you that they’ve begun filming,” the source said. “If I had to guess, the shows would debut next year, because it usually takes some time to put the shows together once they film everything.”

The source said that the Street Outlaws Memphis show will be based around JJ Da Boss (Jonathan Day). JJ Da Boss has appeared as the Race Master when the Oklahoma City crew race in the 405 against them – or when they even went to Memphis.

When we interviewed JJ Da Boss earlier this year, he said it was the first-time in four-years that the Oklahoma City crew attended the Memphis streets.

The source said he had very little information about the Dallas show. However, he said that street racing is very popular there, which is why Pilgrim Studios and The Discovery Channel are filming a show there.

These two new shows will be under the Street Outlaws umbrella, which already has Street Outlaws showcasing the 405 in Oklahoma City and Street Outlaws New Orleans.

“The Discovery Channel is trying to capitalize on all the Street Outlaws opportunities that are out there,” the source said. “With the success of the shows that already appear on the channel, you can see why they’re doing it. These two new shows, when they do air, will only build off of that success, while showcasing other street racers.”

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