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What Does it Take to Run a College Sports Team?

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By The Capital Sports Report Staff

Launching a college sports program requires a myriad of pieces that must work together to create the winning culture that you desire for the team. From exceptional coaching to administrative and recruiting functions, here are four necessary considerations to make when running a college sports program:

Basketball Coach
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Good coaching is a key component of any successful sports program. Coaches need to have the experience and knowledge of the game required to be able to effectively teach the sport to the athletes. A good coach will also have the communication skills necessary to reach the college athletes at their level of understanding. Your program will have the most success if it is able to hire and retain a consistent coaching staff.


Once the coaching staff has been put in place, recruiting duties and strategy can be implemented. A solid recruiting process is vital to the success of your program. Without a steady stream of talent coming into your program, it will fall behind and make it harder to recruit new players. It is important to hire coaches that are familiar with recruiting rules and standards so that your team does not get in trouble. This could include knowing when to contact an immigration lawyer if your new recruit comes from another country, for example.

Athletic Directors and Administrators

The buck stops at the office of the director of athletics and its administrators. It is critical to find administrators that have the experience and leadership necessary to launch new teams and keep the current programs functioning. On the college level (and even some high schools), these leaders are highly educated in athletic administration and serve in this capacity full time. This should not be a job that somebody does as a hobby. The complex intricacies of the job responsibilities necessitate somebody who is well-versed in collegiate sports regulations.

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Any successful athletics program has the financial backing to handle the costs. A booster club specific to the sport is an ideal way to raise money. The most successful financial programs are those that offer a variety of ways for athletes and their families to raise the necessary funds as well as securing sponsorship money from local businesses. Giving the athletes ample options to raise funds will alleviate the financial burden placed on each individual family.

Although it can often seem like a daunting venture, taking the time to set up the framework for your team will pay off big dividends down the road.

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