Throwback: Rathman wins fifth NASCAR event at Langhorne

By Anthony Caruso III | Publisher

Dick Rathman became the fourth driver to win the NASCAR Grand National at Langhorne Speedway. He won the race driving for Walt Chapman in his ’52 Hudson on Sunday, May 4, 1952 in Langhorne, Pennsylvania.

This was the third straight year that a new driver won the race after Curtis Turner won the first two races at the facility. After Turner won two straight, Fonty Flock won in 1950 and Herb Thomas won in 1951.

Stock Cars
Stock Cars (Photo by

This was Rathman’s second win through Week 9 of the season. Besides winning at Langhorne, he also won at Martinsville in Week 5.

Tim Flock was the runner-up in the entry for Ted Chester. Lee Petty was the third-place finisher for the Petty Enterprises entry.

Rathman received $1,275 for the win. Flock received $810, while Petty received $600.

Twenty-two of the 37 cars in the field did not complete the race. Thirteen cars suffered engine problems.

Two cars had overheating problems, while another two cars had rear end problems, and an additional two cars were involved in crashes. Plus, one car had a water pump problem, while one driver had a radiator problem and one was sidelined with a carburetor.

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