Clearfield coach doused baseball field with gasoline

By Anthony Caruso III | Publisher 

Clearfield High School Falcons baseball head coach Steve Ross is in some trouble. He is currently on adminstrative leave from the school. 

He allegedly used unleaded gasoline and diesel fuel and lite it on fire. Rose allegedly used the gasoline to “dry up swet spots.” 


Ross allegedly used 15 to 20 gallons of gasoline on several different areas on the field. During a game on March 23, a parent complained, according to ABC4 News, that they had smelled gasoline when Clearfield played Fremont Wolves. 

The Davis County Health Department is investigating the matter.

“We’re not concerned about the people, who were there or anything like that,” Davis County Environmental Health Director Rachelle Blackham said. “But we are concerned about the product in the soil, you know contaminating the soil and possibly penetrating further down.”

The concern is that the gasoline could possibly seep into the groundwater. The field reportedly has to be dug out.

“There was another test that was done on Monday just to see how far spread the contamination is and where we need to start removing the dirt,” Davis School District Community Relations Supervisor Shauna Lund said. “We’ll go down a few inches, make sure that it’s then clean and if it’s not clean, we go down a few more inches and then all of that will be replaced.”

There is no timetable on when this project will be completed. Or the amount of cost it will take.

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