Report: AAF forcing players to pay for flights home

By Anthony Caruso III | Publisher

The Alliance of American Football shutdown has causes the league to get another blackeye. Instead of helping the players relocate back home, according to reports, it is on the players.

AAF owner Tom Dundon decided to pull the plug on the league on Tuesday. This move has caused co-founders Charlie Ebersol and Bill Polian to be upset with the move.

Since the league could not secure a partnership with the NFLPA, which Dundon wanted, he elected his $70 million loss was not worth it anymore.

AAF Logo
AAF Logo

“Over the last year, we have been able to realize some amazing accomplishments,” the AAF statement said. “We launched a football leage, a ground breaking sports technology and APP, and established production and broadcast arrangements to air our content on major networks. Together, we created some incredible moments for football and our fans. We are very proud of what we accomplished and appreciate the contributions each of you made during that process.

“Unfortunately, after careful consideration, the board has decided to suspend operations of the Alliance of American Football, effective immediately. As part of this process, we expect to keep a small staff on hand to seek new investment capital and restructure our business. Should those efforts prove successful, we look forward to working with many of you on season two. As a follow up to this communication, we will reach out to the personnel, who will be involved in that continuation effort.”

The termination of employees, who do not help in an attempted move to keep the league around, their final day will be Wednesday, April 3, 2019. They will be paid through that date.

The players, though, will likely only receive payment through Week 7.

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