Throwback: Lee Petty wins at Langhorne Speedway in Sept. 1952

By Anthony Caruso III | Publisher

We’ll look back on the 1952 NASCAR Grand National event at Langhorne Speedway in Langhorne, Pennsylvania. This was the 27th race of the 34-race schedule for the season on Sunday, September 14, 1952.

Lee Petty won the race in the Petty Enterprises entry. He led 41 of the 250 laps.

Stock Cars
Stock Cars (Photo by

As the winner, he received $2,500.

This was Petty’s first win at the facility. Previous winners include Curtis Turner (2), Fonty Flock, Herb Thomas, and Dick Rathman.

However, of the winners, Petty was the only winner, who drove a Plymouth to victory lane. Turner and Flock drove Oldsmobiles, while Thomas and Rathman drove Hudson’s.

This was his second straight win of the season. He also won at Morristown Speedway in Morristown, New Jersey.

His previous best finish at the track was third, which also came this season. He was third on May 4, 1952, as Rathman won the race.

Bill Blair was the second-place finisher in George Hutchens entry. Herschel Buchanan also finished third in his own entry.

Besides Petty leading 41 laps, Blair also led 89 laps. Fonty Flock, driving the Air Lift Special for Frank Christian, also led 50 laps.

Rathman led 61 laps driving the Walt Chapman entry. Tim Flock also led nine laps in the Ted Chester entry.

Sixteen of the 44 cars in the race did not complete the race. Seven were involved in crashes, including Joe Eubanks, Larry Mann, Gene Darragh, Nelson Applegate, Chuck Garrett, Felix Wilkes, and Thomas.

Four drivers had overheating problems, including Fred Dove, Charles Weidler, Lawrence Jacquelin, and Buck Baker. Two drivers also had engine problems in Fonty Flock and Ray Erickson.

Donald Thomas had his race end following a clutch problem. Mike Magitt had his race end after a spindle problem. In addition, Jimmie Lewallen had a rear end problem.

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