Laughlin’s No Prep car illegal for Outlaw Armageddon

By Anthony Caruso III | Publisher

Pro Stock and Pro Mod driver Alex Laughlin — who also dabbles in the Radial World from time-to-time — announced on Friday he will not be competing in the upcoming Outlaw Armageddon. The biggest No Prep event of the year will take place from Thursday, August 1st through Sunday, August 4, 2019 at Thunder Valley Raceway Park, in Noble, Oklahoma.

Laughlin was going to attempt to compete at the No Prep event, while also competing at the NHRA Seattle event during the same weekend. Now, those hopes have been dashed.

Drag Racing
Drag Racing (Photo by

“Reality is car did not come out how I wanted but 3 months later blood sweat n tears, my car is not legal,” Laughlin said in a Facebook post. “What they are saying isn’t legal is the length of the fender between the front of the door to the front wheel. What’s weird is Lizzy’s car looks the exact same in that area. They say the rear bumper area looks too much like a race car, which is very similar to the same shape and style as the Fireball Camaro. It’s all arguable, every single car out there has something that isn’t “stock appearing”. Look at that nasty cowl hood on Chuck’s car. That thing looks like an upside down feed trough you’d feed cows out of. The point is, when I say I can fix one thing, they say it’s something else next. This has to be the most political, brother-in-law, kind of racing I’ve ever seen.

“A Radial VS the World car only has rules for what the car should weigh based on the power adder, so it’s a very “Outlaw” style of racing. But at “Outlaw Armageddon”, it looks too much like a “race car”. Doesn’t seem very “Outlaw” to me. The bottom line is that there’s ZERO competitive advantage based off aesthetics. It’s a HEADS UP DRAG RACE, bring your junk, line it up, the better car wins, PERIOD. I can’t get any of these racers to meet up anywhere, so I built a car to come to their playground, right up the road from their house, and then get told no.”

Laughlin said he’ll have to eat crow on this car. He said when he sent the car out to have the body hung, it didn’t come out right.

Despite that his car is illegal, the Texas native will be at Outlaw Armageddon during the week. He issued a challenge — if anybody wants a grudge race, then he’ll accept it.

He’ll arrive back in the Great Northwest to compete in his Pro Stock ride.

Laughlin said he was bummed he was not able to compete in Marc Sorenson’s event.

Alex Laughlin
Alex Laughlin Head shot (Photo by the NHRA)

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