Season 9 filming of Wicked Tuna begins at midnight

By Anthony Caruso III | Publisher 

Season Nine filming for the hit TV show, Wicked Tuna, kicks off at midnight on the East Coast. However, it’ll be nearly one year before the show airs on the National Geographic. 

The new show will document the crews from the different fishing vessels for the next two months. All the crews attempt to reel in the most money from their bluefin tuna catches. 

Tuna (Photo by Pixabay)

The winner — who reels in the most money — will be the Season 9 winner. It likely won’t air on the National Geographic until March 2020.

The last two winners won with 19 bluefin tuna catches. FV-Tuna’s Dave Carraro won the 2019 season that was taped in 2018 with $120,318. 

Pin Wheel’s Tyler McLaughlin won during the 2018 season that was taped in 2017. He won with $103,936. 

During Season 8, the crews were devastated with the loss of one of their own. McLaughlin’s deck mate Nick “Duffy” Fudge died before the start of the season. 

Throughout the show, McLaughlin and his sister — who became his new deck mate — struggled with memories of Duffy. They even donated their first check in Duffy’s honor. 

At the conclusion of the show, there was a tribute to Duffy. 

Carraro has the two biggest wins all-time in Gloucester, Mass. on the show. His record is $126,403 in season 3 in 2014 that was taped in 2013. 

Dave Marciano — who is one of two captains for all seasons of the show, including Carraro — will just have F/V Falcon on the show. Last year, Hard Merch also made an appearance towards the end of the show. 

“We would of loved to have the Hard Merch in competition this year, but others did not feel the same way,” F/V Falcon said in a Facebook post. “Captains and crews are full force aboard the Falcon and looking forward to another epic year of filming! Best of luck to all captains and crews this season. We’ll see y’all at the scales!”

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  1. Bryan Smith

    Glad to hear that wicked Tuna will be back!!! I’m hooked ! No pun intended. I am painting different paintings of the boats in action at sea, I am working on two of the pin wheel, how would I get one to the captain ?

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