Martin wins Street Outlaws NPK Season 3 finale

By Anthony Caruso III | Publisher

Fireball Camaro driver Ryan Martin had one of his biggest paydays in his racing career. The driver, who represents the 405 crew, won the Street Outlaws No Prep Kings Season 3 on Sunday.

Then, he went out and continued to go two more rounds. Martin defeated “John Doe” Scott Taylor in the final round on Sunday night to win the season finale at the Texas Motorplex in Ennis, Texas.

Fireball Camaro driver Ryan Martin on the track at Street Outlaws No Prep Kings Season 3 event
Ryan Martin on the track at Street Outlaws No Prep Kings Season 3 event (Photo by Fireball Camaro/Facebook)

With the championship clinched in round two, Martin won $100,000 plus more racing equipment. In addition, with his race win, he won the $40,000 prize.

The championship was captured when he defeated Kye Kelley in the second round. When Kelley’s girlfriend Lizzy Musi was eliminated in round two, as well, to Jeff Lutz, Martin secured the first 405 Championship in the three-year history of the series.

This was Martin’s fourth win of the season. He won the season-opener that began in May at Maryland International Raceway.

However, due to rain, he defeated Giuseppe Gentile in the final round. Then, he would win again in August at Route 66 Raceway in Joliet, Illinois over Larry “Axman” Roach in the final round.

Martin would win again in September at Summit Motorsports Park in Norwalk, Ohio over Kelley in the final round.

Street Outlaws No Prep Kings Season 3 Winners

Ryan Martin – 4 wins

Lizzy Musi – 3 wins

Justin “Big Chief” Shearer – 1 win

Kye Kelley – 1 win

There are 5 comments

  1. Tom Rouse

    Glad to see Martin win this one. The 405 boys are awesome, and do stick together.
    Ryan finally got his reaction time down pat this year, he stayed focus at the lights. Last year he lost on slow reaction.
    Kelly and his team do have it together. They are competition for this program and the ones to beat.
    Get the Red Firebird ready for next season, it will be tougher, everyone will be shooting at the Red Rocket.
    Congratulations Martin on this well earned win !!!!

  2. Mike Rogers

    Kye Kelley is to childish. Was it last season he just took off and left pouting or was that season 1? Then he goes and gets smoked by the one he wanted to talk trash to. I’m so glad Ryan picked him and out ran him. Everybody’s been doing this same thing all season. Lesbi got Luts in the second and also got smoked. So they should apologize for acting like children. Team racing is team racing. When it comes down to 100 grand and somebody gives you a round,, take it. Now the closer it gets to the end and if it were 2 team mates racing its racer against racer then but that’s not what happened this year. Team Cry and go home just got smoked by team 405 so Kye Krybaby got what he wanted. He wanted Ryan in the first round but didn’t happen but he sure got Ryan the second. He got every bit of Ryan. Team Kye Krybaby will have to wait til next year

  3. Terry

    Agree with other comments. It can be ugly. Kye Kelly has become super arrogant and thrilled to see him and his gf get beaten. Ryan Martin seems pretty real, appreciative of his team and fellow 405ers. Just wants to race to be the best and deserves the big win

  4. Ricky

    This man shut everybody up and I’m glad he did. All the drivers hanged up on this man and put them to shame. He could have taken a call out in round one and won all of it

  5. babsy35

    That’s awesome, he is one guy who never talks BS, anyone that has anything to say about Ryan is jealous ( kye Kelley & Lizzie) and are sore losers, Ryan deserved this from day one, is a real great hearted guy. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!

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