Street Outlaws’ Chuck Seitsinger has the coronavirus

By Anthony Caruso III | Publisher

Street Outlaws star Chuck Seitsinger is in the hospital. He admitted that he is battling the coronavirus virus.

It is not clear how he got the virus. But it was likely transferred to him from a family member or someone he has been close to during this coronavirus pandemic without wearing a mask.

Chuck Seitsinger in the hospital (Photo by Chuck

He said that he has been sick for a while.

“Most of the world knows, I been sick for a minute,” Seitsinger said. “Sat way to long at a green light and got caught. We are battling our asses off over here, I have a super strong family and even stronger friends. I am surrounded by them all, just say a prayer for everyone, not for me but this crazy ass world. It’s a tough place. I have bronchitis, pneumonia, and, yes, I have Covid. God Bless you all, see you all very soon.”

Seitsinger said that his oxygen level dropped. The doctors put him on medicine that he said have saved people’s life from the virus.

Due to the coronavirus, the filming of Street Outlaws Oklahoma City has been halted. At this time, it is not clear when they will pick up filming once again.

They were filming several days before the shut down took place.

“I got 5 or 6 more days to talk to myself in here,” Seitsinger said. “(You) never knew how much you just miss your friends and family until it’s all taken away. I’ve lost 28 pounds in the last few days, so if anything I could do a diet commercial when I get out. I have had 40k text messages. I see you all and thank you, your support is off the charts. I’m overwhelmed trying to get back to everyone. Peace Love and chicken grease ❤️”

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