James Goad: Reaper will be rebuilt as a Firebird

By Anthony Caruso III | Publisher 

James Goad said in a video on Sunday morning has had a change of heart. The Street Outlaws racer is having a hard time dealing with loss of Reaper and the Orange car. 

Goad lost both in a fire last week, as he was coming back from a race at Xtreme Raceway Park in Ferris, Texas. He said even with insurance, the estimated loss in the fire was $200,000.

Pictures of both of Street Outlaws driver James Goad’s cars that were burnt in a fire coming back from Xtreme Raceway Park
James Goad’s cars that were burnt in a fire coming back from Xtreme Raceway Park (Photo by Reaper SS/Facebook)

With the help of Stacy Goad — who was married to Goad before taking some time away from each other, before coming back together — the very popular driver said that with her help, he’s willing to rebuild the popular Street Outlaws car. 

“After James has been going through reading all your comments and seeing the support, he has had a change of heart over rebuilding Reaper,” a caption for a video said on Reaper SS. “Even though he says he can’t do it, he is going to let me. Watch the video and it will all be explained how you can be a part of this.”

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Goad said with the help of Stacy that Reaper will be rebuilt as a Firebird. Stacy will be helping with putting the car back together. She said it’ll also be known as Phoenix.

Phoenix would be a fitting name for the new Reaper, as it is a mythological name from Greek folklore, where a bird is born again and rises from the ashes. Goad said when Brantlee – his grandson — touched the burnt Reaper car recently, it impacted him.

The first thing Brantlee said when he saw the burnt cars was if they could be rebuilt. In addition, Goad credits Reaper with changing his life, as he said in other videos when he’s talking about the car.

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“I told her she can sell any parts,” Goad said. “The same thing she did with the Chevelle. She paid $15,000 and I had to cover the rest of it. You know I can’t touch this and I can’t have anything to do with it. Stacy is going to contact some of our sponsors, she’s going to get some people …. it’s not going to go back as a race car. It’s going to go back as a street car. It’s going to be something that me and Brantlee could drive. It’s going to be all steel and it’s coming back as a Firebird.”

Goad is refusing to start a GoFundMe, because he says it’s not in him. But fans, he said, are purchasing shirts and there may be a new shirt coming soon.

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