Sunday, June 23, 2024

WFT’s Heinicke celebrates Lambeau leap for nothing

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By Anthony Caruso III | Publisher

Washington Football Team quarterback Taylor Heinicke thought he had scored a touchdown on Sunday. Many players think they do this each week.

Heinicke was diving for the end zone against the Green Bay Packers. The officials said that he did not score.

Taylor Heinicke runs with the football against the Packers (Photo by the Washington Football Team/Instagram)

Almost immediately after what he thought was a touchdown, Heinicke, who grew up a Packers fan, did a Lambeau leap. He leaped onto the barrier near a Washington Football Team fan — the only WFT fan in that area.

Unfortunately for Heinicke, he did the Lambeau leap for nothing. He was short of the goal line.

Heinicke made a head-first dive for the end zone. This is now being treated by officials as a feet-first slide.

Therefore, Heinicke gave himself up before the goal line. He did not know this when he elected to dive for the touchdown with no one around him.

The officials reviewed the play. Once they came back from the review, it was ruled that Heinicke did not score on the play, as he was short.

Washington Football Team head coach Ron Rivera then decided to go for it on fourth and 1 from the one-yard line. The Packers shut down the drive with a stop.

Had Heinicke scored on the third-down play, it would have made the score 21-13.

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Anthony Caruso III
Anthony Caruso III
Anthony Caruso III is the Publisher of The Capital Sports Report. He has been in the Journalism field since August 2002. Since that time, Mr. Caruso has covered many marquee events. This includes 13 Heisman Trophy ceremonies, 2 Little World Series events, and one Army-Navy College Football game.
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