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Investigation claims Addazio used racially insensitive comments

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By Anthony Caruso III | Publisher 

The Colorado State Rams are looking for a new head coach. Their former head coach Steve Addazio was fired on Thursday.

The same day, according to the Coloradoan, Addazio was involved in an investigation before his departure. The newspaper claimed that he used a racially insensitive comment to a custodian. 

An unknown Colorado State Rams Player (Photo by Colorado State Rams Athletic Department)

The incident happened in October 2020. Addazio was in his first season at the Fort Collins, Colorado school last year.

A black custodian claimed in the investigation that he had a run-in with Addazio. The custodian alleged in the investigation that the now-former coach called him a ‘boy in a derogatory manner.’

This man also claims that Addazio threatened his job. He claims that he told the coach that a bathroom on campus was temporarily closed on October 20, 2020. 

He told investigators that he was cleaning in the football facility. And that he used chemicals in the restroom. The report says that he blocked the restroom.

The custodian came back to find that Addazio had entered it. The coach allegedly said, “I guess I’m going to use it.”

The man, who was not identified, allegedly said that his job did not matter. But with an attitude, Addazio allegedly said, “What did you say to me, boy?”

As the altercation continued, the documents from the investigation claimed that Addazio said that he runs, ‘the place.’

“I don’t think you know who I am. I run this place. Let’s just see if you’re still here tomorrow,” the custodian claimed Addazio said.

Addazio was the school’s highest-paid employee before his departure. He had a $1.5 million salary. 

He denied calling the custodian ‘boy.’ He told the investigation that he said ‘Listen man.’

“While no witness can confirm or dispute that Addazio said ‘boy,’ information available makes Addazio’s denial unpersuasive,” the investigation states. “In the course of the interaction, Addazio made a racially insensitive comment and made a statement that indirectly threatened (the custodian’s) job.”

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Anthony Caruso III
Anthony Caruso III
Anthony Caruso III is the Publisher of The Capital Sports Report. He has been in the Journalism field since August 2002. Since that time, Mr. Caruso has covered many marquee events. This includes 13 Heisman Trophy ceremonies, 2 Little World Series events, and one Army-Navy College Football game.
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