Big Chief debuts The Crowmod

By Anthony Caruso III | Publisher

Last month, Street Outlaws star Justin “Big Chief” Shearer was involved in a scary crash with Brian “Chucky” Davis when the Oklahoma City team faced team Detroit. This crash will be on the upcoming season of Street Outlaws.

While Shearer’s 1972 Pontiac LeMans drag racer was destroyed in the crash, he wasted no time in debuting his new vehicle. He’s calling it a Pontiac Crowmod, which he debuted at the Performance Racing Industry’s Trade Show.

The Crowmod (Photo by Mid West Street Cars)

The Crowmod (Photo by Mid West Street Cars)

He was able to use the same engine and transmission from his recked Pontiac. Then, in the following three weeks, he went to work on creating his new Pro Mod-style car.

Shearer reportedly had the crashed Pontiac since he was 16-years-old. And he joked on the show that he spent his children’s college education to create “The Crow.”

He revealed the reincarnated Crow while at the Weld Racing Booth at the show. He had an introduction by Weld Racing’s CEO, before he took over to officially show the world his new Crowmod, which he’s coined after turning his signature Crow into a Pro Mod car.

“Thanks,” he said. “Everyone’s f— awesome. Thanks to Will for letting me bring my piece of C— car out here with my awesome wrinkly car cover and letting me display it in their booth … I’m going to pull this cover off, everyone’s going to hate on this car and I’m going to answer any questions that you may have and then anybody who don’t like it can get in line and we can race all the way back to Oklahoma.”

In an episode of Street Outlaws, the Oklahoma City crew defeated a Pro Mod and lost to another in Kansas City. Maybe that’s why Big Chief decided he wanted to go to a Pro Mod.

With this new Pro Mod, it wouldn’t be surprising if he goes over 260 mph, especially if its supercharged, turbocharged, or nitrous oxide equipped.

Unlike his Crow, the Crowmod is very light, according to Shearer himself. He said this Crowmod “will be the biggest, baddest, purpose-built street race weapon ever done.”

The Pro Mod is also the first known since Street Outlaws started on the Discovery Channel to have on the Top 10 list.

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