Street Outlaws’ Mike Murillo in the hospital with the coronavirus

By Anthony Caruso III | Publisher

Street Outlaws competitor Mike Murillo is in the hospital, according to Facebook posts. He has the coronavirus.

A post said that Murillo was in his fifth in the ICU. Also, it says that he has been battling the virus since January 12th.

Street Outlaws competitor Mike Murillo is battling the coronavirus in the hospital
Street Outlaws competitor Mike Murillo is battling the coronavirus in the hospital (Photo by Mike Murillo Racing/Facebook)

“This by far is the hardest most grueling battle that I have ever been in in my long, drama-rich, action-packed life,” a post on Mike Murillo Racing said on Facebook. “It’s an emotional roller coaster ride with your body, mind, and spirit. I am taking small round wins at a time here and there but thank goodness there’s a multi-time losers bracket because I have lost a few also. Yesterday was a bad morning but got better towards the end of the day. I wake up every morning @ 330am to a blood draw and daily tests. They have already done a plasma transfusion, multiple steroid treatments, IV anti virus, and even some trial stuff on me. The nurses here are REALLY on top of me and taking care of me. I’m hooked up to all sorts of monitors and wires that I’m constantly getting wrapped up in and getting rescued like a bad extension cord. The whole key right now is staying off the ventilator but to do so my lungs have to continue to recover so I can get off this high-flow heated oxygen machine (sounds like a FuelTech part). There are so many sick patients here on the same ground level floor and it breaks my heart watching their families outside my window putting flowers and cards on their loved one’s windows just outside. I ask that you take a minute and read my words. This is not just any virus. Not everyone can “just get through it”. I’ve been sick since the 12th of this month and the only thing I was focusing on was the fever and flu-like symptoms that just make you feel bad.

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“What I wasn’t thinking about was what this virus was slowly, silently, and methodically doing to my lungs in the background while I’m just worried about getting a fever and body aches to go away. I just didn’t realize how much trouble I was in until possibly too late. It’s had several day heads start on my body when I should have come in much sooner. I tell you this not to scare you but if it does it should. God knows I’m not the healthiest 52 yr old drag racer but I’m also not the worst. This ain’t no joke folks so please for your family, friends and all those people that love every one of you, mask up, stay healthy, and take precautions. Nobody and I mean NOBODY wants to be dropped off at the front door to an emergency room just to walk in alone and wonder if you will ever get to touch or hug your family ever again.”

The Street Outlaws No Prep Kings Season 2 winner is the second known Street Outlaws competitor to go into the hospital with the coronavirus. Back in July, Street Outlaws 405 taping was shut down.

Chuck Seitsinger contracted the virus and shut down the production of the show for some time. He later recovered from the virus.

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