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Steve Johnson’s crew chief Jock Ervin shot in the thigh

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By Anthony Caruso III | Publisher

Steve Johnson Racing crew chief Jock Ervin overcame COVID-19 and a hospitalization. Ervin now has to overcome a gunshot wound.

After the Charlotte race, Ervin — who carries a gun for protection — was exhausted. According to the social media post, Ervin set his alarm for the next morning.

Bullets (Photo by Unsplash)

The 9mm gun was close by. Ervin, who was traveling with his wife and Chris Dalton, hit the snooze button after some sleep.

Somehow, after hitting the snooze button, the gun went off and went through Ervin’s thigh. The bullet did not hit a bone.

“We were told the bullet, luckily, did not hit a bone,” the social media post said. “However, have you ever googled what happens when a person is shot in the thigh? Bullets can travel at supersonic speed with a tremendous amount of heat and probably cauterizes anything it passes by. In addition to that bullets are filthy dirty… #infection.

Jock, as you all know, is a warrior; he is at home with the doctor’s orders that he will be out for at least three weeks. Turns out the cops knew about our team and had been following our race team (and others) on social media. They were so helpful and professional through the entire ordeal.”

Dalton saved Ervin’s life. He put his belt around the crew chief’s leg to save him from losing a lot of blood.

“The real superstar was our close friend Chris Dalton,” the post added. “As his ears were understandably ringing like crazy from the gunshot inside the truck, he jumped out and took off his belt and wrapped it around Jock’s leg to slow down the blood loss. We can all be grateful for his reaction time and action.”

Johnson and his team are moving resources to be able to play in the final two Pro Stock Motorcycle events. The team also has a stand-in driver.

“We have “Randy” a stand-in truck driver for the next two NHRA Countdown to the Championship races (four are left) and are reallocating any and all of our resources to keep our team going,” the post continued. “Right now Jock’s health and avoiding any infection is what is most important to me/us. The details of this experience just aren’t important to me right now. Jock was trying to do his job and also trying to be a protector. While being exhausted after a long weekend of work and trying to get the three of them home. Some of his decisions I’m sure would be much different now, “after the fact.”

Jock will have another appointment this week. He is OK, according to Johnson.

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Anthony Caruso III
Anthony Caruso III
Anthony Caruso III is the Publisher of The Capital Sports Report. He has been in the Journalism field since August 2002. Since that time, Mr. Caruso has covered many marquee events. This includes 13 Heisman Trophy ceremonies, 2 Little World Series events, and one Army-Navy College Football game.
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