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Six key aspects to consider when selecting a sports betting brand

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By The Capital Sports Report Staff

Interest in sports betting, especially of the online variety, is growing rapidly across the United States. More and more states are legalizing the activity, which means that enthusiasts can select from licensed, regulated brands and avoid the potential pitfalls of using alternatives such as offshore sites.

So when it comes to selecting a good sportsbook, how do you know what to look for? If you want to get a great breakdown of each brand and what they have to offer, then you could check out Sidelines.io, and there you’ll glean crucial information that will help you select a provider that ticks all the right boxes.

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In terms of your search, there are six key aspects that should be at the forefront of your mind when selecting a sportsbook that suits you. Here is a helpful breakdown.


This is important, even within the realism of the regulated market. When we use the term reputation in this context, we are not talking necessarily about trustworthiness but instead about a brand’s reputation within the industry when it comes to its overall service and the way it treats its users.

Clearly, some brands are household names, but that doesn’t necessarily equate to excellent service; sometimes, this can breed complacency, while up-and-coming sportsbooks may try harder to win your trust.

So check our relevant reviews of the regulated options before you sign-up with them; take your time and don’t rush into any rash decisions.

The Scale of the Sports Betting Market

You may like to only bet on the NBA, or you are a sports betting fanatic that will wager on anything that jumps out at you. Either way, you’ll want a sportsbook that has a great deal of breadth so that you have plenty of options.

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This might mean that in a key NFL game, you have literally hundreds of potential betting markets, or it might mean that a sportsbook offers you more in the way of ‘lesser’ sporting action to wager on.

Competitive Odds

Losing a bet is annoying, but perhaps even more frustrating is winning one and then finding out from a friend that they placed the same bet and won far more with their bookie. This is why you need a sportsbook that is competitive in this area, so do some odds comparison work before you join a bookie.

Quality of the Interface

In 2022 a considerable proportion of the bets placed are now done so via mobile applications, and therefore, you’ll need your chosen online sportsbook to be in tune with this shift. That means they should offer an interface that is not glitchy, is easy to use, and is fit for purpose.

Often sportsbooks get this wrong. Commonly they may offer only a fraction of the desktop service when you are on your mobile device, or the service is not smooth or user-friendly.

Payment Methods

Gone are the days when sportsbooks should only offer very basic payment method options such as wire or credit card. Now lots of customers are keen to use services such as e-wallets, both for privacy and security, and a modern, forward-thinking sportsbook needs to take this into account.

Customer Service

This is often a facet that is overlooked by users before they sign-up with a brand, but it’s hugely important. The one time you’ll actually have an issue that requires attention is precisely when you’ll need the service to be efficient and timely. Often users only find this out to their cost when it’s too late, so check out reviews of a brand’s customer service before you join.

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