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The Most Common Sports Injuries (And How To Avoid Them)

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By The Capital Sports Report Staff

If you play any type of sport, you may already know that there is always a risk of injury if you push yourself too hard or don’t play correctly. There are many different ways that you can injure yourself while playing a sport. That said, some injuries are more common than others. This post takes a look at the most common sports injuries and what you can do to protect yourself from them. 

Sprained ankle

A sprained ankle is possibly the most common sports injury. It is usually caused by injuring a tendon or ligament as a result of twisting the ankle in an unnatural way. Such injuries can vary in severity, with some developing into chronic tendonitis.

You can prevent injuries to tendons by doing stretches and warm-up exercises before partaking in a sport. You should also be careful when running/walking on uneven surfaces and should try to always wear appropriate footwear to support your ankles.  

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With some developing into chronic tendonitis. It can occur while trying to jump for the final point in a basketball game or running to third when playing softball. This is something to think about when putting together your lineup cards for a new team as you probably want to avoid people with weak ankles.

Shin splints

When muscles in the leg become overworked, they can become inflamed causing a type of shin pain known as shin splints. Although the pain is rarely severe, it can be annoying and can affect sports performance.

Shin splints often occur if you rapidly increase exercise intensity within a short time. This is why it is important to slowly build yourself up when exercising. In the case of shin splints, running and jumping are the biggest culprits – make sure you’re increasing the intensity of these activities slowly over time to avoid overworking your leg muscles.

ACL injuries

An ACL injury is an injury to the anterior cruciate ligament in the leg. People who experience this injury often hear a popping sound in their knee and experience knee pain afterward. Depending on the severity of the injury, movement after could be very restricted. ACL surgery is sometimes required. 

How do you avoid an ACL injury? Wearing a knee brace when doing activities like running and jumping is one solution – particularly during sports that involve quick stops or quick changes of direction. Stretching and warming up your legs can also help you to avoid these injuries. 

Rotator cuff injuries

Sharp shoulder pain after sports or injuries is often caused by a rotator cuff injury. This is often when a tendon is torn or gradually worn. Rotator cuff injuries can turn into chronic problems if you are not careful and may require physiotherapy to treat. 

Prolonged overhead activities and heavy lifting are often causes of rotator cuff injuries. Know your limits when lifting heavy weights above your head and make sure you are stretching and warming up your shoulders. 

Tennis elbow

Tennis elbow is caused by overuse of the muscles between your elbow and wrist. It is commonly experienced by tennis players but can be experienced in many other sports like badminton, javelin, or golf.

Warming up and stretching your arm muscles can reduce the risk of developing tennis elbow. It’s also important to learn how to use your upper arm muscles in racquet sports as this can take away the strain from your forearm and elbow. 

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Groin pull

There are many sports where it’s possible to pull a muscle in the groin. Such injuries are often caused by fast changes of direction much like ACL injuries, but typically they are caused by an unnatural twist of the leg at the hip rather than the knee. They are commonly experienced in sports like football and basketball. 

Strengthening your upper legs and warming them up before exercise can help to reduce groin pull injuries. It’s also important to stop doing activities once you notice groin pain.

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