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5 Ways to Prepare Your Kid For Their First Lacrosse Game

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By The Capital Sports Report Staff

Lacrosse is a great game for kids and adults alike even if it isn’t as popular as football or basketball. Even so, your child might develop an interest in the game while they are at school and want to explore all the possibilities it brings. Like other activities, sport safety is essential, as are various other factors that can make the experience worthwhile and enjoyable. With that in mind, here are five ways to prepare your child for their first lacrosse game.

College Lacrosse
College Lacrosse (Photo by Unsplash)

Wearing The Right Gear 

Like any sport, your kids need to wear the right gear to ensure they can enjoy the game and feel prepared. While you may not want to spend big bucks on the best great, buying the right cleats, stick, and lacrosse uniform can go a long way towards helping them feel comfortable and capable. This gear will put them in a better position to perform and help them blend in with their teammates so they don’t feel out of place on the field. 

Safe Play 

Kids’ lacrosse is unlikely to be as intense and potentially dangerous as adult lacrosse, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t still the risk of injury. This is especially true since kids may not understand how to control their speed or swing, which may result in collisions and injuries, whether to themselves or other players. Reminding them of the key safety tips before they start can help them avoid problems. Ideally, their first game should be a friendly or practice game instead of something with legitimate stakes. 


Lacrosse is not the same as tennis or running. It is a team sport like soccer or football, so your child must understand the fundamentals of teamwork to ensure they take the right approach to their game. Here, you should encourage them to work with their teammates, look for passes, and offer support when on defense or offense. Teamwork and chemistry can take time to establish, but getting the basics right will help.

General Rules 

Some sports can be tricky to learn the rules for and you don’t want your child to make a mistake as they might get embarrassed. Go over the rules of lacrosse before playing so they understand what the different stages of the game mean. You can also watch some games online or on your TV so they can get a better idea of what a regular game looks like. 

Enjoying Themselves 

Ultimately, kids’ sports are about enjoying themselves. They are not competing at the national championships (yet), so they should have fun while playing. This might not happen at first while they’re still mastering the game, but some perseverance and practice should help them become a better player and eventually find plenty of joy in lacrosse whether they play casually or competitively. 

Let’s Play 

Lacrosse is a great game that your kids will love but like any other sport, they need to feel prepared. Even if they aren’t the best in their first game, there’s plenty of time to learn and grow into the sport. These tips should prepare them for all the basics and give them the confidence to improve with more practice.

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