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6 Venues All Sports Fans Must Visit

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By The Capital Sports Report Staff

All sports fans think their team’s stadium is special, and they’re not entirely incorrect — but let’s be honest, some stadiums are just more special than others. Some transcend allegiances and rivalries and are worthwhile visiting regardless of the team you support. They’re the ones that play a unique role in the sport’s history.

If you’re a traveler at heart, then it can be highly worthwhile planning a trip to these sporting arenas in person. Just taking a tour of these stadiums can be worthwhile, but it’ll be extra special if you can see a live game there. In this post, we’ll run through some of the leading venues that should be on every sports fan’s bucket list. 

Baseball (Photo by Pixabay)

Yankee Stadium

There were plenty of sad sports fans when the Yankees moved from their old ground in 2009. After all, the original Yankee Stadium was rightly regarded as one of the most historic stadiums in all of sports. Yet despite these high standards, the new Yankee Stadium more than lives up to its predecessor. It’s a mix of the old and the new, with world-class amenities meeting the franchise’s storied history, which is interspersed throughout the stadium. It’s great to go to any game at Yankee Stadium, but for the best experience, look at going to a game against one of the team’s leading rivals, such as the Boston Red Sox — you can find more related information here on how to get tickets to these much-sought-after games. Round off your visit with a tour, and you’ll walk away with a deep understanding of how special this stadium is. 

Fenway Park

And talking of the Boston Red Sox: baseball fans — or just curious sports fans — must pay a visit to Fenway Park, the team’s home venue. Located in Boston, it’s the oldest active baseball ground in the world. It very nearly wasn’t possible to visit Fenway Park; back in 2000, the team’s owners made plans to demolish the ground and move to a new venue, but thankfully local pressure prevented that from happening. Tickets are relatively easy to get, but make an extra effort if you want to see a big game or if the Red Sox are doing well. 

Churchill Downs

Many sports fans swear that they’ll never visit the stadium of a rival. But some sports venues transcend rivalries. That’s certainly the case when it comes to Churchill Downs, which is regarded as the best horse race ground in the world. Located in Kentucky, it’s the home of the Kentucky Derby, otherwise known as ‘the most exciting two minutes in sports.’ You don’t even need to be a particularly passionate horse racing fan to enjoy a trip to Churchill Downs — the atmosphere is highly special regardless of what happens on the track and is as much a social event as it is a sporting occasion. Just be sure to dress to the nines if you make the trip. 

St. Andrews Golf Course

Every golf fan knows how special St. Andrews is. This is the world’s oldest golf course, and it’s a dream for many golfers to play a round at the fabled course. Golf has been played at this site since the 15th century, and even today it’s highly regarded as one of the world’s best courses. It’s often a wild, windy, and rainy experience, but golfers wouldn’t have it any other way. 

Wembley Stadium

As with Yankee Stadium, there were a lot of sad sports fans when the original Wembley Stadium was knocked down. Thankfully, what was put in its place was arguably even better. Home to the England national soccer team, Wembley stands out as a brilliant stadium that combines modern features with a great atmosphere. It’s worthwhile making a trip to see a soccer game here, but if that’s not possible, then try attending a concert and get a tour before or after the event. There are also sometimes NFL season games at the stadium, too. 


There’s a long list of outstanding soccer stadiums around the world, and really we could have included many here. But Real Madrid’s Bernabeu makes the list for a number of reasons. It has just been redeveloped, which has turned it into perhaps the best soccer stadium in the world. Plus, the team is currently jam-packed with talent, and if the rumors that Kylian Mbappe is on his way at the end of the season are true, then next year promises to be extra special. You might want to start planning your trip now. 

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