The First Night of AAF Football

By Maximillian C. Burgos | Staff Writer

After watching the first game of the Alliance of American Football, it’s hard to not be excited. While the San Antonio Commanders and San Diego Fleet game left some to be desired in scoring, there was a lot of positive things to pull from the way the game played out.

First and for most, the production quality of this game was really good. There are a plethora of camera angles in the broadcast, frequent instant relays, coherent commentary, and an overall all feel of an NFL game.

There was even the interesting twist of being able to hear the players, coaches, an instant relay official talk live on the broadcast. It definitely added to the depth of the broadcast. There were also moments you could even forgot that these aren’t NFL teams, if not for the quality of play.

AAF Logo
AAF Logo

Which brings me to the point where I admit that the quality of play on the offense definitely left some to be desired, but that can just be chalked up to the first game jitters. The defenses seemed to be alive, especially in the San Antonio game.

San Diego quarterback Mike Bercovici was absolutely under pressure for the entirety of the first half, being sacked five times. It was a pleasure to watch the defense manhandle the offensive line.

Watching the game, it definitely did feel like watching NFL backups play a game of football. There were not many stand up out of your seat moments, but there is definitely potential for them as the season moves forward.

From what it looked like in the broadcast, San Antonio seemed to be pumped up about getting professional football in their city again.

The AAF definitely feels like a league with a lot of potential. Everything from the way contracts are structured with the bonuses, to the twist of listening into the coach and players interact throughout the game, and the interactive app for the league, there is a lot to be excited about.

If you get a chance to catch a game, you should. The AAF feels like its on to something and with cooperation from the NFL, there could be some serious weight to this new league in the years to come if the play gets better.

There are many big names in the coaching staff throughout the league like Steve Spurrier, Mike Riley, and Mike Martz. Some players like Trent Richardson make the game interesting as well, as they look to get back into the NFL.

Hopefully, this league can be successful where others were not. So far so good. With week one in the books, things are actually looking pretty good. Better than I expected. Hopefully, things get even better.

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