Boosted GT and Chuck Seitsinger fight in Maryland

By Anthony Caruso III | Publisher

This weekend, the Street Outlaws No Prep Kings 3 kicked off in Maryland. And one driver had problems with the race master.

At some point during Saturday’s event, Boosted GT (Chris Hamilton) and Chuck (Chuck Seitsinger) got into a fight. The two were arguing with each other.

Drag Racing
Drag Racing (Photo by

Then, during the argument, Chuck threw water on Boosted GT. Instead of walking away, Boosted GT decides to throw punches and the two had a fight around the starting line.

Eventually, the two would be separated. It appeared that Boosted GT had his shirt ripped from the incident.

It is not clear what led to this incident to begin with. It’s also not clear if Pilgrim Studios will edit out this incident or will keep it in the taping for the new season when it debuts later this season.

Both drivers, Boosted GT (Chris Hamilton) and Chuck (Chuck Seitsinger) call the 405 home. Hamilton is also married to Kayla Morton.

There are 89 comments

  1. Eric

    Did anyone notice how Ryan man handled little Chuckie? Then once Chuckles has his people around him, he started talking crap again. Good job Boosted ..#Getridofchuck

  2. Larry W Bush

    Chuck’s potty mouth is bad for the show. He is always cursing. I don’t know how the TV show is still on. Children have to hear all this over a microphone at the races. Chuck’s needs to go. Let’s make street outlaws a P-G rating for the little ones who enjoy racing.

  3. Dboy

    Damn Chucky got enemies around his a**. Little hot head b*tch need his a** beat and banned from Street Outlaws period!

    1. Charles Croker

      Everyone there cheered for Boosted . Absolutely no one likes Chuck . He’s a loudmouth trouble maker and should be kicked off the show . At least be removed as race master and don’t give him any airtime . He ruins the show .

  4. James Holloway

    Street Outlaws is what we did 30 year ago. We love it; however, Big Chief needs to have a long talk with Chuck about being cool.

  5. Tony Rickle

    Glad Boosted didn’t put up with Chuck’s sh*t. The trash talk, water in the face. Chuck deserved that reaction from Boosted. Also think Discovery needs to replace Chuck as the host of the show.

  6. Carlton White

    One of these days big bad chuck is gonna get his a** handed to him. If only he would do that shit to me, I’ll show him how it’s done

    1. slickhawk

      Chuck has little man syndrome. Hes just a little bi***. He is a hot head who i would calmly knock him the f*** out. Grabs a pipe on a 1 on 1 situation lets me know what kind of sissy he is.

  7. Johnny burch

    I’m done with the show. it’s like that over and over. Chuck’s attitude and his disrespectful behavior is just getting more out of hand just can’t do it any more. All I keep saying is one day he will get his. He just hasn’t smart mouthed the right one yet

  8. Izzy

    Why is Chuck always spitting or throwing something in somebody’s face does he know that it doesn’t make you a better man? He needs home training because if it was me, I’d break his jaw. This is not what racing is about. It’s for a family and to get together and a brotherhood to get together, as well. No matter what you race or where you come from it is supposed to be pure fun.

    When he does shit like this, he needs to get kicked off the f***ing off the show. That’s how it should go. He could potentially earn his sh*t back if he undergoes anger management. There’s many kids, who watch this show and was there. That was unacceptable. We got enough violence already in this whole damn world.

  9. Edward

    Well I was there Friday. All Chuck did was blasted Texas badmouth sh*t, so he carried it on until Saturday, which enough is enough Boosted did the right thing. Time after time, we see Chuck with his hot head get into it with someone.


    Chuck is a dam bully, who should not be on show. He is setting a bad example for kids that I know watch this show. One day, he is going to smart off to the right one and they are going to whoop his a** and I hope I’m watching because he deserved it …#TeamBoosted

    1. Randy Meister

      Chuck was a little b*tch in school ( always getting his a** kicked) and he is still a little b*tch as a so-called grown man 👊👊


    Chuck is a bully. Always has been. Grow the f*ck up Chuck. At least he didn’t spit in Boosted’s face. That’s his usual mo. Grow up Chuck.

  12. Vann Causey

    The show has lost its attraction to most viewers. If they want to fight then find another place for it! We go from street racing to track, the idea is safer until you have a hothead come in and make physical threats to other participants!

    Do you want to bring your kids to this and have them believe it’s acceptable behavior??

  13. Gene

    Yep, sick of Chuck as is many of you. He’s bada** when he has his buddies are there. His mouth will get him in trouble or a lawsuit or end his TV career…

  14. mark dorsey

    I’d pay good money to have the chance to drill chuck in his big mouth. Way to go Boosted. It must of felt great to punch him. And notice Chuck did nothing –all bark and no bite from that lil turd.

  15. Jack A**

    Jacka** deserves to get his a** kicked. All chuck does is talk sh*t and can never back it up. Atta boy Boosted. Given up at least 150 lbs and still whooped his a**

  16. Mad Mike

    It amazes me that hard-hitters don’t feed Chuck humble pie every chance they get. He got little man complex like a mofo. I DVR and FF through all the drama and just watch the races. But…I’d watch in slo-mo…Chuck getting his a** whipped every episode. Now please make that happen. Thanks Boosted. You made my day. If only you could have got a few more licks in!

  17. George Kalcheff

    We love the 405, but Hot Head Chuck needs to go. Don’t bring him back to our race track again. I used to like him but he’s a little whiny b*tch! Just doing it for attention!

  18. David

    That show needs Chief and Murder Nova. They have the coolness the show needs. Beside Chuck always seems to be under the influence of alcohol.

  19. Rodney Barnett

    Chuck is a b*tch, who likes to spit in peoples face or throw water. He’s a b*tch and would get his a** kicked in any fight where someone is not there to pull someone off his sorry a** and let them fight like real men.

  20. Kerrkustoms

    Chuck and his Napoleon complex, all he does is run his mouth when he has people to break it up.

    The brotherhood of the 405 is like a unicorn, rarely seen, but when it is it sure is magical. 😂

  21. John

    This is why Street Outlaws is sucking. We, the viewers, want to see racing — not grown men acting like children. Why don’t they go back to the real street racing? Because the cars that race are not street racing. We can teach our kids that there are better ways to handle disagreements than fighting. Racing is fun and should be family friendly. Grow up and let’s race.

  22. Rodney K Henderer

    They need to get rid of Chuck. He is nothing, but a trouble maker. I am glad Boosted stood up to him. I quit watching this show for awhile after Chuck spit in face of another racer a while back in California. That guy should of kicked his a** then.

  23. Jim Hamilton

    Obviously, Chuck isn’t the brawler he thinks he is. He needs some boxing lessons.

    I imagine if enough viewers complain, the bully might find himself on the outside looking in.

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