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Sean Payton’s Influence on the Denver Broncos: A Look at the New QB Depth Chart

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By The Capital Sports Report Staff

Sean Payton was arguably one of the most coveted targets this year, with a 152-89 record in his 15 seasons with New Orleans. And now he is set to be the new head coach of the Denver Broncos after finalizing a trade with the New Orleans Saints. In return, the Saints will get a 2023 first-round pick via San Francisco, and the Broncos will become a 2024 second-round pick.

Practically, Payton’s offensive expertise makes him the right man to get the Broncos back on track. Considering the Broncos quarterback has been figuratively and literally the team’s biggest problem.

Denver Broncos head coach Sean Payton speaks to the media during the NFL Combine
Sean Payton speaks to the media during the NFL Combine (Photo by Justin Casterline/Getty Images)

If you are going to bet on a club like Denver or any other club using Colorado sportsbooks, it pays to learn more about some fascinating promo up for grabs. But this article will examine the new Broncos quarterback depth chart.

New Quarterbacks Depth Chart with Sean Payton’s Influence

Payton’s coaching style as a student and practitioner of the Bill Parcells School of Football Psychology makes him one of the best at using many words to say very little. As such, Payton is an expert in coach speak.

Since Payton resumed as head coach at Bronco, he has acquired three additional quarterbacks in one form or another. Below is the breakdown of the new quarterback depth under Payton’s management.

1. Russell Wilson – QB1

Russell has been one of the highly decorated quarterbacks in Seattle for the last decade. But his 2022 performance is alarming. In 15 starts, he finished with 16 touchdowns, 3524 passing yards, and 11 interceptions.

Essentially, he completed a career-low 60.5% of his passes and a quarterback rating of 84.4, the worst of his career. But Payton aims to relinquish the Broncos by bolstering the offensive line to what worked so well for Wilson all those years in Seattle.

2. Jarrett Stidham – QB2

Stidham is another quarterback handpicked by Payton after signing a two-year contract with him back in March for $10 million. Payton was impressed by Stidham’s performance at the Las Vegas Raiders, with 3 touchdowns, passed for 365 yards, and two interceptions. Payton views Stidham as a starting-caliber quarterback that will handle his business and defend the Broncos’ offense if Wilson fails.

3. Jarrett Guarantano – QB3

Guarantano, undrafted out of Washington State, is another exceptional quarterback signed into the Bronco’s defensive line in early December. The previous coaching regime favored Guarantano, promoting him to the 53-man roster and signing him to a two-year contract.

Guarantano is a 230-pound sportsman measuring 6-foot-4, finishing 17 of 30 for 232 yards and 3 touchdowns. Currently, it’s unclear how Payton views Guarantano, but time will tell.

4. Ben DiNucci – Try Out

DiNucci has been invited by the Broncos to a rookie minicamp on a try-out basis. He led the XFL in passing as the Seattle Sea Dragons’ quarterback. And in 2020, in the 7th round by the Dallas Cowboys, DiNucci went on to appear in three games as he shuffled between the active roster and practice squad.

DiNucci is a 210-pound 6-foot-3 quarterback with 272 completion, 374 passing attempts, 2671 passing yards, and 305 quarterback rushing yards who led the XFL. And his passing touchdowns finished second in the league.

5. Judd Erickson – Try Out

Erickson is another tryout quarterback for the Broncos. Although he finished in San Diego, Erickson started to try out at rookie camp in Fort Collins at Colorado State.

Erickson appeared in four games for San Diego last year, three touchdowns, and 23 of 43 for 343 yards. He is a 225 pounds 6-foot sportsman who went to Mountain Vista High School in Highlands Ranch, CO.


In conclusion, there’s more to how Payton plans to restore stability to the Broncos. OF the five quarterbacks listed above, Payton inherited two of them. But we will see in the near future if Guarantano can fend off the likes of Erickson and DiNucci, although the real contenders are Stidham and Wilson.

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