Raceway Park begins demolition of dragstrip

By Anthony Caruso III | Publisher

The demolition of Old Bridge Township Raceway Park’s historic drag strip has begun this week. On Wednesday, a picture began circulating on social media that the walls were beginning to be taken down.

There was some hope among drag racers that the track would remain a drag strip. However, with this move, there will never be a dragstrip at the facility anymore.

Old Bridge Township Raceway Park starting line
Old Bridge Township Raceway Park starting line

In Jan. 2018, we were able to break the story after Bangshift.com said that it was likely going to happen. The Napp brothers went into a three-year agreement with IAA – Insurance Auto Auctions Inc. to close the drag strip.

They are in year two of the agreement that is paying the Napp brothers money to store cars on the facility.

Drag racing was the most important factor impacted when the management did a restructuring of the facility. The ⅛-mile track and the ¼-mile track was shutdown.

Raceway Park hosted one of the NHRA’s biggest events of the year, in the historic Summernationals. For a few years, it was known as the Supernationals, before the name was changed back.

Management said that when they ended their partnership with the NHRA and drag racing all together they would convert their space to an outdoor concert facility. Despite the loss of drag racing, drifting, go-karts, and motocross has continued.

With Raceway Park closed to drag racing, NHRA fans in the New Jersey area either has to travel to the Virginia NHRA Nationals in North Dinwiddie, Virginia to Virginia Motorsports Park or to Maple Grove Raceway in Mohnton, PA. The Pennsylvania track is the closest track to New Jersey left on the NHRA schedule.

There are 13 comments

  1. Tim

    There’s something fking wrong with the people who post here, I’m sure there’s no great political motive behind the closing of a drag strip.So harold and mark are definitely retards, People should had figured out that the raceway was going down the tubes when they changed the name for Englishtown to Old Bridge even though it’s still in Englishtown. Of course you would be hard press to even find drag racing on TV, for that matter Indy Car Racing popularity is on the decline also.So keeping a drag strip operating as a business is tenable at best. Makes business sense. You guys pining for the drag strip probably miss Sears too.

    1. Rob Jack

      I did like Sears, they were a great place to shop. But you are right, drag racing and Indy are on the way out.

      1. Robert L LaFontaine

        Yes we do miss Sears and everything that was fun to do. Wouldn’t give you 2 cents for a dozen of some of you millennials. Geesssss why waist my ******* time !

    2. Al C/SM - Jersey Shaker

      Sorry Tim, maybe you should do some research to obtain true facts before posting. The property is actually in Old Bridge Twp, (formerly Madison Twp.) but has always used an Englishtown postal code. That is why it’s commonly known as “Englishtown” by us racers. The “name change” that we “should HAVE figured out was going down the tubes” took place in 1975!! That was 43 years ago….From a political prospective, I agree that the track’s closing was not mandated politically, but rather by constant court battles and legal restrictions on operating hours (noise days). It’s not possible to even run a successful business when you can’t RUN your business the way you need to in order to keep it in the green. In this case, events that will draw the spectators like the famous Weds night match races, etc that used to take place there. With that being said, are you also aware of the constant push by Democratic officials who constantly try to push legislation to, in plain english, effectively kill the hot rodding industry? Look up the RPM act. This was introduced by a NC Republican congressman to counter proposed laws by the EPA under Obama. Good thing for SEMA. Now, about the “pining” for the dragstrip, there are many who spent their childhood through to adult years at this place. The memories of great times, the friendships gained and the fact that people have plotted the course of their lives and businesses because of this track only touches on the impact of this place. As for us missing Sears, not really. Their BBQs rusted too quickly, lawn tractors sucked and we prefer Snap-on, Matco or Mac tools! If you want to find NHRA drag racing on TV, try FS1, it’s on nearly every weekend.

  2. Mark

    yes, it’s a sign of the times…. next they’ll be passing legislation to murder babies after they’re born…. oh, they did just do that! I had to what them demo the OLD BRIDGE SPEEDWAY also, to build some townhomes back in the 80’s.

  3. Jeff Cibulka

    Good, Clean fun, our grandchildren won’t get to experience what we did. This is actually doing something real and fun and the experience is going to be lost. To bad this place couldn’t have been deemed a “Historical Place” and been protected. RIP Englishtown Raceway.

  4. Shannon

    A Historic Track taken away! All because of Greed. It’s all about the money! I am sure the Insuance was expensive, but God Damn another track gone!!!! So sad!!! I have many fond memories there!!!!! RIP Englishtown Raceway!!!! 🙁

  5. Harold

    Just a Shame. A beautiful place like this torn down for I’m sure something STUPID on the way. What could possibly be more important than a drag strip? Only someone with a democratic mind could do this.

    1. Stephen

      “democratic mind” you mean someone who believes in democracy or a “Democrat” (notice the capitalization). If you mean a Democrat I’m unsure a Republican would have an issue with the track owners exercising their rights to do what they want with their land. If you agree a land owner should be entitled to do what they wish with the land that they own then I’m not sure why political party is an issue here, its just capitalism.

      If you believe the owners shouldn’t be able to find the highest and best use for the assets they own then I believe I have an apartment to sell you in China.

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