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Bryant knows he’s never going to turn down $15 million

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June 18, 2015 1:40 AM | Written by Anthony Caruso III, Publisher

Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant says that he’s willing to sit out until he gets a long-term deal. However, Owner/President/General Manager Jerry Jones is taking a stance like he did with DeMarco Murray, who left town faster than everyone expected.

Bryant, who the team wanted to keep over their ex-back, who signed a long-term deal with their long-time arch-rivals, the Philadelphia Eagles, is currently under a franchise tag. He says $15 million is cool, but apparently, that’s not good enough to him.

Dez Bryant Dallas Cowboys NFL Wide Receiver

Dex Bryant (Getty Images)

He truly doesn’t understand to live like a poor individual, who struggles to make a living, or those living check by check. The $15 million is more than any normal human will ever make outside of being an athlete.

Most humans, depending on the type of the job that they have, may make up to a million dollars in their lifetime. However, they won’t be able to have it all at one time – like Bryant and others athletes – while they have to pay their bills each month, take care of their kids, or their other responsibilities.

Athletes are able to throw their money to waste – at strip clubs, or on luxury items, which normal humans can only dream of. He can continue to complain about the money because he has tons of it.

But things will get real when he starts to miss those checks. He may only be talking now – and get frustrated at things – but at the end of the day, he’s going to shut his mouth and take the money, because he knows he’s not going to flip burgers for a job ever in his life.

As an NFL player, you only get game checks for each week that you play. So, he’s not going to be able to give them up. Period.

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